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I've been inspired...

to take my love of event and wedding planning and start my own business! I want to become a wedding planner and day of coordinator. I'm so excited and I'm doing everything I can to hopefully be up and running by the fall.

I seriously would have never figured out my passion without the knot and this board :)

Re: I've been inspired...

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    Oh that's so awesome!  It's so great when you find something you love and can do it as a job.
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    That is so cool! Congrats!
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    Awesome!! Congrats, but now we have to kick you off the boards lol! jk.
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    [QUOTE]Awesome!! Congrats, but now we have to kick you off the boards lol! jk.
    Posted by chrisandeva[/QUOTE]

    Ha-Ha! Good one!
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    Yay!! That's great :)
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    OMG - that's AWESOME!!  Wish you the best of luck & why couldn't you figure this our a couple of months ago - I'm FREAKING out here!!! LOL
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    Melissa, I'm just going to give you a friendly warning---and I'm going to have to delete the post above. I'm thrilled that you'll be able to do something that you love---but, being that it is wedding related, you shouldn't post about it here.

    This goes for everyone else (i.e. wedding planner, wedding photog). When you start posting about your services--and offer to help other knotties, even if it's for free and to build your portfolio, you are considered a "vendor" according to The Knot---and vendors are not allowed to post on the message boards.

    ETA: I've also deleted the posts in this thread about contacting each other. I really don't want to have to take further action, so please let this die here.
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    no prob :)

    didn't even think anyone would want me to do anything when I was just to thank everyone for the inspiration!
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    It's awesome that you've found something you enjoy! Good luck!!!  :)
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