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Hair & Makeup Help!

So the next thing to sort on my list is Hair & Makeup.

Please can you share with me who you are using??

Any Reviews both good & bad would be helpful

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Re: Hair & Makeup Help!

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    Francesca Lombardo, has glammed me up multiple times - trial, boudoir shoot, wedding and TTD.  She's fantastic.

    Other ones that have gotten great reviews on this board are Harmony Medina, Lori White, & Amelia C.   

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    I used Lori White for a trial, wedding, and our TTD. I loved how everything came out.
    Her pricing was reasonable and she includes a trial. She and an assistant did myself, my mom, and 2 bridesmaids
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    I will be using Amelia C, her prices are comprable to Francesca Lombardo and have heard great things about both, I basically flipped a coin to decide between the two.
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    I am also using Lori White. I have had great communication with her, and I was happy that the trial was included!
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    I LOVED Lori White! I looked better than I had even hoped. :) Review in my Planning Blog below.
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    I'm using Glamsquad.  $180 for airbrush makeup and hair
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    I booked Harmony Medina.
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    Thanks Girls

    I have emailed a couple and will let you know when i decide :-)

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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Hair & Makeup Help!</a>:
    [QUOTE]I booked Harmony Medina.
    Posted by starryeyed77[/QUOTE]

    Me too.  I emailed a lot of different places, and she was the most reasonable (since I'm paying for myself, sister, friend, and mother to get it done...) Although one thing I would have considered that saving a little money is also costing me in time as I don't think she brings an assistant.  Oh well though we'll have fun getting ready :)
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    Good point to consider. Im paying too but dont have alot of time.......

    Thanks again x
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    I also booked Harmony.  I like her work and am sticking to a budget.
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