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Finalized Maggiano's Menu

FI and I sat down last night and went over the menu.  We're going with the Special Occasion Menu and decided on the following

Apps: Stuffed Mushrooms & Four Cheese Ravioli Frite
Salads: Maggiano's & Chopped Apple & Walnut
Pasta: Baked Ziti w/Sausage & Gnocchi w/Tomato Vodka Sauce
Entrees: Chicken Saltimbocca & Salmon w/Lemon & herb
Desserts: Warm Apple Crostada & New York Cheesecake

We're also having a wedding cake brought in.

I was half tempted to hit up the Maggiano's here and order some of the dishes but I figured i know it will al be good and I need to make sure I can fit into my dress.  :-)

Re: Finalized Maggiano's Menu

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    Sounds delish.   

    You ladies and your menus today are making me SO hungry.
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    Sounds sooooo yummmyyy!!!
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    mj1m3n3z714mj1m3n3z714 member
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    good choice u must know a lot about italian food. because a lot I haven't tasted. Maggiano's is definetly the spot for reception
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    Yummm...  We have the menu decision to make too.  not any time soon but its in the back of my mind.

    Can I ask why you decided on the special occation menu instead of the Classic wedding?
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    We went with the Special Occasion over the Classic Wedding because we had already ordered a weding cake from a non Maggiano's vendor and the only additional difference between the two is the champagne toast.  It wasn't a big deal for me to have champagne.  I figured everyone can do toasts with their regular drinks.
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Finalized Maggiano's Menu</a>:
    [QUOTE]good choice u must know a lot about italian food. because a lot I haven't tasted. Maggiano's is definetly the spot for reception
    Posted by mj1m3n3z714[/QUOTE]

    We've eaten there a few times so I had a general idea of what to expect from the food.  We did have to look at the online menus to see what was in every dish.  We tried to keep our menu fairly open as far as options.  I know we have a few food limitations but I think we've managed to meet everyone's needs.
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    I'm going back and forth about Maggianos. Correct me if I'm wrong .... the premium bar includes (sparkling) wine, and martinis so what's the advantage to having the sparkling wine toast, or the wine with dinner pkg (Manhattan wedding I think), or the martini upgrades? 

    Also, does the classic wedding pkg include the cake or is that just where the cake is applied to the room minimum? Is there a cake cutting fee if you have an outside cake?

    I realize some of this probably sounds dumb, I'm sorry.
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    @snuffs..from what I know there is not a cake cutting fee.  The classic and manhattan have a wedding cake allowance and is part of the package price.  I think if you want a more expensive cake they give you a pp credit on the package price and allow you to get a cake from their preferred vendor.  Although you'd have to check with them to make sure.

    You are correct, the martini bar is an upgrade that can be added and from what I can see there is a sparkling wine in the house wine list. I think the wine with dinner just means its poured at the tables versus having your guests go to the bar for their drinks. 
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