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What's left on your list?

I'm just curious to see where everyone else is at with wedding planning.  What do you still have left to do??
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Re: What's left on your list?

  • Ok, it's getting shorter, but it's still long! Lol

    BM gifts - I'm thinking I'm going to do a silver clutch for them to use at the wedding and stuff it with individual little items that they'll like. (kinda like a christmas stocking.)

    Wedding dress alterations - I just called the girl I wanted to do them (who was highly reccommended on my local board) and she's free in January for my first appt!!! So, at least I've got that semi taken care of. 

    Cake tasting - scheduled for this coming Monday

    Day of coordinator booking - I'm just lazy and haven't sent in the contract yet. Lol

    Centerpieces - no idea what I'm doing for these yet!! 

    Extend venue rental - emailed her again today so hopefully I'll get a response (finally. ugh.)

    Call caterer about a sweetheart table

    Buy alcohol for the reception

    Hair/makeup trial - sometime in January

    Go to the gym and work off all the beer and fast food I eat. Lol.

    Engagement pics - scheduled for 1/7 (also, find outfits for said e-pics, as well as b-party)

    Mail invitations - they're addressed, just need stamps

    I think that's all the big stuff. TK tells me I'm 101 days away today!!

    What about you?? :-)
  • Besides finish paying off the vendors,

    Stuff to buy:
    Alcohol for Reception
    Card Box
    Guest Book
    Toasting Flutes/Server set
    BM gifts

    Stuff to do:
    Book Officiant (sorta important! lol)
    Add on documentary to video package
    Programs (wanted to wait to make sure GMs and BMs order)
    Reduce count for reception (We got word from family in Mexico wont come due to expired visas)
    Finalize decor/arrangements (they are not glued in to their containers)
    Talk to Baker about cake change
    RD catering contracts
    Scheduling rehearsal at venue
    Finalize song lists for ceremony/reception, inc. do not play list
    Finalize songs for cinematic video

    Stuff for others:
    1 MOH dress to order
    2 BM dress to order
    1 FG dress to order
    All GM need to get fitted

    Scheduled, not complete:
    Dress pick up for bridal portraits (I decided to do 'em)
    Hair/Makeup trial for bridal portraits
    Nails for bridals portraits
    Photo session
    All bridal party boquets/bouts are ordered and shipping soon
    Ordered website inserts from Vista print, waiting on them to finish invites
    Ordered stamps to inlcude for those who will have the RSVP mailed in
    Meet with coordinator at the venue for chair placement

    So, I think that is it...UGH I hope so, anyway!
  • Make/Send invites. DJ list DIY bridesmaid coasters GM gifts Finalize items for bathroom baskets Print programs Finish card box Finish tags for "dancing shoes" Any last DIY tasks I decide to tackle Getting there. Ahhhhh
  • I *was* done.  Now I have a few things left...

    1) A garter.  I probably won't wear one at all but it's something that's been on my mind lately.  No garter toss... so do I wear one???

    2) Undies!  I forgot about this bit!  I need undies to wear on my wedding day still!  I really want those "Sexy Little Bride" undies at VS, but they're sold out in my size.

    3) The ceremony.  We had the blessing written for the most part, but now that we're having a legal ceremony the rest needs to get done.  But I can't do that until the wedding officiant gets back to me and she said usually she will about a month or two before the ceremony date.

    4) Pack and cruise!!!

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  • Well let me think...
    -alter wedding dress
    -Buy veil (this weekend)
    -Cake Tasting (12/17)
    -Finish bm gifts
    -Gm gifts
    -FI gifts
    - Decide of wedding songs and put them into online dj planning program
    -  Gifts for Singrs/Musicians
    - Parents gifts
    - Programs
    - Send out invites
    - Find ties for the boys
    - Make sure all the guys order tuxes
    - Plan ceremony with officiant
    - Make Day of Schedule
    - Hair and make up trials
    - Tanning appts (hopefully)
    -Get bridesmaid dresses in
    - Purchase Remembrance candle
    - Possibly make a sign for the bar
    - Possibly make bouquet charms
  • Just a few things...
    -DIY'ing the centerpieces
    -Flowers (buying wholesale, only need a few for centerpieces)
    -Programs/menu cards
    -Finalize RD details (FMIL is handling most of it)
    -Send invitations
    -Finalize ceremony songs
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  • edited December 2011
    TO DO
    -find FI/BM black dress pants
    -buy FI black shoes
    -Order my headband and earrings from etsy
    -BM/MOH gifts (just have to order BM gift and need to figure out what to do for MOH) I'm thinking a 50$ gift card to VS.  Maybe doing a cute clutch with some random stuff in it?  - I know it's not supposed to be part of the gift but I'm paying for her to get her hair and makeup done. also was going to surprise her and pay for the rest of her BM dress... Does anyone have any other ideas?
    -Put my bouquet together, I attempted it last night and didn't go very well :(
    -Figure out what to have MOH carry
    -Figure out what i want to do for my wedding band
    -Finish my map for invitations

    I feel like i'm forgetting something.. that was kind of why I started this thread to see where everyone else is at! 

    Recent checks (this week):

    I ordered FI and BM's ties from ebay - I hope they look nice
    I ordered candy that is going to go in the invitations
    Booked the limo for wedding day
    Finished invitations and RSVP cards - waiting to order because i need to have the map done
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  • bethmerchantbethmerchant member
    edited December 2011
    I have a mess of DIY stuff to get done:
    Centerpieces are almost done for reception (had to stop and wait for a blister to heal from the wire cutters)
    Put together ALL the bouquets, corsages & bouts(finally received all the flowers I ordered)
    Put together favors (recieved the 2500 hersey kisses in the mail yesterday they all get stickers put on them!)
    Print & assemble the programs (FI needs to secure his ushers!)
    Decorate unity candle & memory candles

    Stuff invites (waiting on the map enclosures to come from Vistaprint)
    Have pictures printed for cake topper & guest frame thingy
    Have dress fittings (in my own home with my Momma)
    Have BM order shoes
    Hair trial (waiting on veil to come in)
    Sing DJ contract (he STILL hasn't mailed it, but he's a former student, no worries)
    Set menu in stone with catering
    FI & GM are going on 12/23 for tux fittings
    Get my brother to get fitted for tux (he's giving me away)
    2  PM counseling sessions to go
    Send music to pianist
    Finalize ceremony with minister (he's 3 hours away-yikes!)
    FI needs to book transportation
    Fi needs to make song list
    Book HM luau & whale watching excursion
    Book brother's family & minister hotel rooms
    Mail RD invites
    Make the food for RD
    Buy wedding bands (kinda need those...)
    LOSE 20 LBS!!!

    Wow...Now I feel like making a list of what I HAVE done to boost my confidence!
  • 1) Assemble and send out invites
    2) Get a garter (Waiting until after the bridal shower for this one because it's pretty common to get one as a gift around here)
    3) Get 1 GM, groom and RB measured for tuxes
    4) Set up a song list
    5) Wedding programs
    6) PAY PAY PAY!
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  • I've got some stuff. Luckily, it's all kinda little stuff:

    -Assemble and send invites
    -Dress alterations
    -My/MOH shoes
    -Building cupcake stands
    -Hair/makeup trials(possibly doing that today)
    -Buying favors
    -DJ list
    -Order tuxes
    -Book honeymoon
    -Buy alcohol
    -Finish signs for venue
    -Get wedding lisence
    -Get cake topper
    -Book rehearsal dinner

    Now that I think about it I better log off and get started! 0-0
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  • Book lighting company for Gobo
    Print programs
    Address and stamp invites
    Purchase - aisle runner, cake top, headpiece, garter, jewelry, shoes
    DJ List
    Photog List

  • Oh wow I just saw I only have 100 more days to go! This is starting to feel real now!

    To Do:
    -Wedding dress alterations (first fitting 12/20)
    -Hair trial (will do couple weeks before wedding when I dye my hair again)
    -Buy gifts for FI, wedding party, parents
    -Finalize RD information within a few weeks of wedding
    -Take FOCCUS inventory and plan ceremony with our Deacon in January
    -Finalize custom invitations with artist then send out
    -Finalize reception decoration ideas and buy materials
    -Meet with DJ a few weeks before wedding to go over schedule and songs
  • brittandjpbrittandjp member
    edited December 2011
    I feel like I've done sooo much, yet I still have SO much left to do!! How is this possible?!

    - candy for the buffet
    - garter
    - ring bearer/flower girl gifts
    - parents' gifts
    - alterations appointment
    - wedding weekend hotel
    - transportation (debating between the vintage car we have or a limo)
    - the rest of our alcohol for the reception (almost done!)
     -DJ meeting (our final meeting)
    - wedding license
    - bathroom basket items
    - toasting flutes/serving set (hoping I'll get this at the shower)

    - candy bar ribbon signs
    - bar, well wish table, invitation/tears of joy, photobooth signs
    - seating chart
    - DJ list (in the works)
    - surprise dance
    - programs
    - menus
    - wedding vows
    - day of schedule for the WP
    - paint monogram on aisle runner (paint it or leave as is?)

    - florist/designer meeting is set for 12/29
    - Makeup trial is set for 12/30
    - Boudoir shoot is set for 12/30
    - Hair trial is set for 1/14

    (it's been ordered, just waiting to arrive within the next couple of weeks)
    - invitations
    - FI's ring
    - bridesmaid dresses (should be here by next Friday, FINALLY!)
    - my dress!!
    - BM jewelry from etsy

    PARTIES!!!!!!!!!! :)

    - Bridal shower 2/4
    - Bachelorette 2/24
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  • Am I the only one who feels stressed out just looking at the title of this post? I don't even want to sit down and think about everything I have left!
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  • A LOT!
    Tongue out
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    [QUOTE]Am I the only one who feels stressed out just looking at the title of this post? I don't even want to sit down and think about everything I have left!
    Posted by elidellio[/QUOTE]

    THIS!! Getting to the point where lists are stressing me out big time.  Current priorities = hair trial (tomorrow), book transportation, book honeymoon.  THEN I'll look at the rest of my list and re-prioritize top 3 again :)
  • What is still on my list, let me think :

    - The groom has to buy his shirt, shoes and belt
    - We still have to buy our rings (we already know which pair it is going to be, just have to buy them).
    - Order our thank you gifts (also already been choosen, just have to order them).
    - Flowers.

    I believe thats it.
  • BM Gifts
    Send out invites
    Get FI and GMs to get fitted for suits
    Order Thank you cards and Menu cards
    Food Tasting
    Rebook wedding night hotel (having second thoughts)
    Seating chart
    Finish DJ list
    Work on ceremony/meet with officiant
    Order cake server, toasting flutes, guest book, card box
    Work on escort cards
    Book rehearsal dinner site
    Ahhhh I wish I hadn't typed this all out!!!

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