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September 2012 Weddings

What's your something old, new, borrowed and blue?

Hey ladies! I was just wondering what you all were doing for this tradition, or if you were doing it at all?
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Re: What's your something old, new, borrowed and blue?

  • I am planning to do this.  So far, the dress is new, and I plan to have blue on my underwear.  For old and borrowed, I am hoping to borrow my grandma's ring from my mom, so I have both those covered.  What are you planning?
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  • Old: My e-ring (my mom-mom gave it to me before she died), my necklace (it's a simple diamond setting from a ring my other grandma gave to my mom and then by default is now mine), and my earrings (diamond studs that my mom gave them to me years ago)

    New: dress! (also maybe a bracelet and the other set of earrings)

    Borrowed: Not sure yet

    Blue: I'll be rocking some blue skivvies along with my awesome blue heels.
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  • all i have so far is my new... which is my dress! I can't decide what to do for the others...
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  • Not intentionally, but I do have all those things!

    Old:  my handkerchief, which my Mom embroidered for her best friend (who is my godmother), who then had it embroidered for me in the other corner.  It's a wonderful keepsake.  Also, my brooch on my sash is from my grandmother, who got it as a gift from my late grandfather.

    New:  my dress, my necklace, my earrings, my shoes, my veil - just about everything!

    Borrowed: the brooch - I will give it back to my grandmother after the wedding.

    Blue:  the handkerchief is embroidered in blue - also, my underwear has the word "bride" embroidered in blue as well.



  • New: Dress
    Old: Grandmother's Cocktail Diamond Ring
    Borrowed: I'm stumped!
    Blue: Possibly my undies or my garter.
  • New: Dress and earings (I have yet to find)

    Old: Necklace my father gave me years ago (might get something older of his to carry as well as he passed away two years ago so it's a way for him to be 'with' me that day)

    Borrowed: My Veil, turns out I was planning on buying the same one my cousin (who is my MOH) wore at her wedding two years ago, so instead of buying it I am just borrowng hers!

    Blue: My Navy heels that match the girls Navy BM dresses as well as my sapphire ring I always wear
  • I have no idea and I need to start thinking about it!

    New:  Dress/earrings
    Old:  No idea
    Borrowed:  Yikes, no clue.  Maybe someone has a bracelet I can wear...
    Blue:  Garter

  • jacquiroxxjacquiroxx member
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    Old: The promise ring my dad gave my mum when they were teenagers

    New: My new last name, written the back of my panties :)

    Borrowed: A silver ladybug brooch that a close friend carried in her wedding

    Blue: My crinny

    I also attached a sixpence to my barefoot sandals, so I could participate in that tradition as well :)
  • Old: Grandmother's ring she got when she was 16 (she passed away last year so it has extra sentimental value)

    New: Dress

    Borrowed: I don't know this one yet...

    Blue: Garter and shoes!
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  • new: dress, veil, shoes etc;
    old & blue: my grandmothers blue rosary beads
    something borrowed:... I have no idea haha
  • old: FI's grandmother's earrings
    new: dress, hankie
    borrowed: veil from a bridesmaid
    blue: shoes, garter
  • Old: My engagement ring, which was his maternal grandmother's ring, given to her by his grandpa for their 10th anniversary in 1941. My wedding band is old too, early 40's according to the jeweler, but I guess I won't have that when I actually walk down the aisle, eh?

    New: Dress, necklace, earrings, bracelet.

    Borrowed: Not sure!! I don't "need" anything in terms of accessories at this point. Should ask my mom if she's got any ideas.

    Blue: My shoes are blue. Might wear blue unders as well.
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  • Old: My grandma's ring. I started wearing it every day in the last year - it was hers and my grandfather's wedding bands created into a new ring.
    New: Dress, birdcage veil, etc....
    Borrowed: Not sure yet. Maybe my sisters pearls
    Blue: (also old) hankie with crocheted blue trim from my other grandma that I think was made by her mother. This is a family tradition that we carry an old hankie from Grandma's collection.
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  • OLD - Wearing my mother's wedding dress that she married my father in back in 1985
    NEW - My awesome new shoes that are still one of my favourite wedding purchases lol
    BORROWED - Wearing my mentor's veil from her wedding in the 90s
    BLUE - Blue panties ;) lol
  • I need help with my something borrowed!!
    Old:  Vintage lace from my grandmother that I have on a sash and her pearls for my necklace.
    New: The dress and shoes!
    Borrowed: ???
    Blue:  Aquamarine earrings. 

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  • I am wearing my mom's garter from her wedding. It is old, borrowed and has blue on it. My dress is the something new.
  • New: Dress & Veil
    Old: Handkerchief from my Nana, my garter is made out of my 1st communion veil
    Borrowed: Purse from my Matron of Honor
    Blue: Garter and Shoes. 
    I found blue shoes for my Miniature Bride also - so we'll match and our color is Royal Blue. So i got the blue covered. 
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