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Changing the time once it's in print... :(

I have a question.  I had to change the time of my cermoney from 5:30 to 5:00. But my intavations have already been printed! :( Does anyone have a good idea of how to change it, without spending a lot of money or time... it's 82 days away!

Re: Changing the time once it's in print... :(

  • I would just reprint the invitations.
  • why do you have to  move it up only half an hour?

    can you not shift other things later in the day so that you can start half an hour late?

    are you wanting to find a way to change it on the actual invite or to inform people of the change.

    i think that it would be easier to shift the rest of your schedule back a half hour and start at 530 as planned.
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  • You can put an insert in the envelopes informing them of the time change. No biggy!
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    Don't start out on the wrong foot by correcting a mistake with another card.  Just have the invitations reprinted.  You don't need to reprint anything else, just the invitation itself.
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