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Trial issues - sorry it's long

Hey ladies, I need some advice. I'm a pretty non-confrontational person, but really want to raise a little hell.

I had my hair trial a couple weeks ago...the same day as my bachelorette party, so I was really crossing my fingers that it would come out nice. I brought many pictures, thought I was asking for a pretty simple style, and was clear about how I wanted it to look and so forth. The trial was also 2 hours from where I live, so I had to travel and pay gas and whatnot,  as it is near where the wedding will be held.

It looked HORRIBLE! It looked like I had a bird's nest sticking out from behind my ear. You know when you go to get your hair colored, and the salon has that sample wheel thingy of colors...well she cut two of those off the wheel and stuck them in my hair. Also, the stylist took her flower pin out of her own hair and stuck it in mine because I didn't bring mine with. (Mine is a very small comb...didn't think it would make a big difference to put it in during the practice).

I was vocal when she asked what I thought, and told her what I did and didn't like. The front looked good, but the bag was a ratted knotty mess. She walked away for a minute (pretty sure to go smoke, because I could smell it when she came back) and when she was gone, I asked my MOH if I was being bridezilla or not, but we both agreed that not only did it look bad, but she was really unsanitary by putting those things on my head. when she came back, I again told her I didn't like it, but she said it would have to do for that day as she had a pedicure waiting. So I left... AND...still had to pay $50. I have since canceled with her, and was lucky enough to find a different wedding is in 2 weeks.

Well this past weekend, I got to talking to my sister about it. She went on the salon's website and discovered that the person who did my hair is a NAIL TECH for the salon...not one of their stylists. I'm furious!

So ladies, should I call the manager, write a letter, or just let it go and thank my lucky stars I found a different salon?
Miss Amanda

Re: Trial issues - sorry it's long

  • I would lt the manager know, as well as possibly write a review with your local Better Business Bureau - particularly as if she wasn't a licensed hair stylist, that is in violation of the cosmetology board for your area.
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  • That's messed up. I'd call the manager and get your $50 back. 
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  • Unfortunately sometimes when you are a licensed cosmetolgist (I am ) you actually are licensed to do makeup/hair/and nails as with the state of FL. so just because she was nail tech doesnt neccessarily mean she isnt licensed to do hair. I just wanted to mentiont his bc if you do decide to go to salon management I dont want you to put your foot in your mouth. With that being said I WOULD contact management/owner and let them CALMLY know about your horrible experience. If they are a decent salon you should get a free trial with a different stylist. She was both unprofessional and irresponsible. You should not have left unhappy regardless of the client waiting.
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