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* Accountability - Munday'z

Welcome to join anyone! We track what we eat...what we do to work it out...T minus almost 1 month!!

Workout - 3 mi recovery run
D - chicken nuggets
S - tofutti

Workout - Insanity Max Interval 45 min
B - 1/2 poptart + protein shake & almond milk

L - ww sammich
S - apple, yogurt, ww pbj
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Re: * Accountability - Munday'z

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    My shower was yesterday and I went home for the weekend!  I was very bad and did not work out!!

    Today is not going to be much better....FI and I are finally going to see Hunger Games and the movies has free popcorn....also I am trying to eat up all this weekends leftovers!! 

    B- egg, banana, rice cereal
    S- sunflower seeds, raisins

    L- fish, potatoes, and broccoli
    S- apple
    D- leftover pizza?
    S- popcorn!
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    littleshrinklittleshrink member
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    WO:  did some shopping with my FI and took the day off excercising.  We had much more fun shopping than running on the treadmill!
    L:  turkey with vegies on ww
    D: none
    S: grapes

    B: cereal & banana
    L:  lunch with my girlfriend at a Qdoba (LOVE IT!)
    D: probably some grapes, vegies and not much else
    WO:  5 miles on elliptical, 15 min. weight training
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    norweigannorweigan member
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    B: lavish oatmeal
    L: leftover skinny minestrone

    To Do:
    D: I think the skinny chicken marsala I found on hungry girl
    W/O: we started a trial this week in my division, and usually that means I have to stay late at work. Depending on when I get off I might go for a run or else do Insanity.
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    B: cereal
    L: half of a wrap and veggies with ranch
    D: Outback steakhouse later to celebrate FI's birthday!
    W/O: none b/c we both took the day off work and spent the day at the beach Smile
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    B: Rice and Eggs, Apple

    Intense 30 minute workout

    L: Rice and Steak

    D: will be rice and chicken, salad

    My fiance got this brilliant idea that he wants to try for a week to kick start his diet and fitness into gear. Eat rice with every meal. No butter and minimal seasoning. His theory: rice is good carbs and little fat. So I'm doing it with him. Hopefully it works, and I don't end up gaining more weight. We will see next Monday when we weigh ourselves again. 
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    B: almond granola bar & coffee
    L: chinese :(
    D: salad w/ cranberries, walnuts, brie & pears, a beer
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