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Things are rolling. Let's keep going.

So, last week the FI and I got our rings, so to speak. I found the band I absolutely love! It's a diamond enhancer band. It looks beautiful with my ring! Mine happened to be in stock, the FI's have to be ordered due to not having the right size in stock. So, should be getting his sometime next week and I'll be picking up mine at the same time. Can't wait to start wearing it, though I know it'll be a few months still.

Almost ready to send out the invites. I know I'm behind. I'm anxious to get them out and to start receiving the RSVPs. This past weekend my MOH and I visited my other MOH in NC and we got the invites stuffed in the inner envelopes. I'm going to be using clear labels to print the addresses on before applying to the outer envelopes. I just like the look of printed script better than hand written script. I'm hoping to complete this task very soon.

I had my hair trial today. I, originally, was supposed to have one of my MOHs come with me. But, her son has been having trouble getting on a sleep schedule, especially since our visit down to NC this past weekend. So, I had to go solo. It went okay, though started almost 25 mins after my scheduled appt. I laughed when the stylist asked if I was getting married today. I told her: "No. If I was, I probably be rather upset. Not to be a bridezilla, but the appointment didn't start on time." They're super close to where the ceremony will be performed, so I will still likely use them. I just pray that when the real appt happens that they'll get me in the chair on time. If not I will definitely voice my distaste if they run my appt late on the day of. I wasn't too satisfied with the cost for the trial either, however, I knew how much it was going into it. I just expected maybe a little more. Maybe, if it included a make-up trial as well? Since I'm going to have them do my make-up as well. Since I know that I'm not that great when it comes to the application of it.

Re: Things are rolling. Let's keep going.

  • Sounds like things are coming together- congrats!  I'm not sending my invites out for 2 more weeks, so I don't think you're behind at all.  For your wedding day, is your hair appt in the morning?  I know that mine is the first appt of the day, so I'm pretty confident she'll get me in the chair on time.  Something to consider at least.  My trial is expensive too, I debated about doing it, but I think I'll feel better on the day if I know what it's going to look like.  Congrats on all your recent progress, I can't believe how close May is getting!
  • Thank you. Well, the wedding will be at 5pm. So I probably won't have it in the morning. Because my hair doesn't hold curls well, I don't want to have my hair done too early. I don't have it reserved yet, but I will soon. I know that I need to make sure of getting that date reserved, especially since I'm likely to be having 5 additional girls needing their hair done too. May is so close, I'm getting a little more stressed. But, taking deep breaths and taking it one day at a time.
  • Congrats on your checks! Our wedding date is May 5 and we are sending out out invites around March 5.
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  • Congrats on all the checks :)

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