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So I'm sitting here...

...cutting out our favors, and I'm up to my eyeballs in paper scraps, and I need to stretch my hand. How is everyone's day going?
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Re: So I'm sitting here...

  • Was going great until my hair and makeup artist(whom I booked months ago) emailed to ask if I would be willing to drive to her on my wedding day. Because another client she has on the same day has added more people and she needs to be there earlier.. My wedding is at 2pm.. She was coming at 8am I am not driving an hr away , I'll get my deposit back and find someone else..I don't want to feel like she's rushing on me to get to other clients.. But besides that I'm good!

    I hate cleaning paper scraps, especially when they are teeny tiny.
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  • I hope you can find someone else so close!

    My mom dropped the bomb on me yesterday that she can't bustle my dress anymore, so I had to scramble and get an appointment before "rush order" time. 

    I know this will all be worth it because I'm marrying the guy I love, and in the end, the bustle doesn't matter all that much, but holy cow, it is so stressful. 
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  • Thankfully I haven't begun to stress about it.. Everything happens for a reason, and technically she hasn't said she can't do it so I may be ok.
    thankfully you were able to find someone and beat the rush order!
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  • You both seem to be handling the stress well :)  that make up thing would scare me a bit and I find it odd she asked YOU to make up for another brides error!

  • I have pretty much everything finished up. My wedding is "next week" which is weird to say!

    My headcount was turned into the venue last Friday and I'm now debating if I want to make welcome bags to the 5 families that are staying at the hotel...we'll see.

    I feel like most of my stress is done now that I have my headcount turned in. Last week was pretty brutal, with the BM that dropped out, my family throwing a fit about inviting other people that I don't know, and a few other random problems. So far, it has all worked itself out.

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  • My hair/makeup artist ultimately refunded my money and apologized. To me it wasn't serious enough to stress about! I found another artist so I'm happy and ready for my big day!
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  • I think that once our programs are done and our headcount is turned in, I'll be a little less stressed. My final dress fitting is tomorrow, and I'm slightly freaking out because I know it's hard to zip, but my mom and sister have always been able to do it. They can't go with me tomorrow, though, so I'm a little worried that the bridal shop will try to convince me to get it altered more. I just have to stay strong. ;)

    And if not, I can just drink some wine and watch Toy Story. So, really, I win either way.

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  • I'm sure it will all work out!
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  • Ahh you guys are so close! I'm Aug 31st so still have a month. FI will be gone all weekend for his bachelor party so I plan on staying busy and finishing up all my DIY
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  • My mom and I talked it over last night and decided to get a corset back put in the dress so it will be easier to get on and off (and so I can breathe easier), so now I just have to go see what that will cost me. 

    I think the source of my stress is mostly my family, come to think about it. 

    18 days!!!!!!
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  • Glad that worked out for you Jessica :) and drummer, corset backs are very forgiving and actually quite comfortable when laced properly! 


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