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November 2013 Weddings

Third time's a charm!

I finally have shoes!!!  After tearing up just about every store in the Denver metro area I found one pair of  sandals that I like.  they cost $400.   I don't think so.  I gave up and turned to on line.   Still couldn't find what I was looking for.  Ordered one pair.  They didn't go with my dress nearly the way I imagined they would and they were taller than I thought so my dress didn't come to the ground.  Sent them back.  Ordered a second pair that I though would do, even though I didn't love them.  They were too big and much more yellow beige than ivory beige when they arrived. Still need to send them back.   Found these on Ebay in my size and bought them three days ago.  They just arrived.  They fit perfectly.  The leather is butter soft.  They are the exact same shade of ivory as my dress, are exactly the right heel height, and are a perfect match with the antique/vintage style of my dress our old west/santa fe style venue.  Waaaaaaah-hoooo!!!! Finally!



Re: Third time's a charm!

  • Congrats! Fortunately shoes were my easiest decision- I spotted them almost 2 years before we got engaged and told myself that I would walk down the aisle in them. It took a lot of saving up and a side job but I got them!


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  • Congrats on finding your shoes! It took me a while to find the perfect shoe. Mainly because of the shade/color of my dress. Some shoes were too dark and others were too light. Then I found the perfect pair :) cute little peep toe pumps with a rosette
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  • Congrats! 
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  • Yay for finding your shoes!! It didn't take me too long since I'm not very particular about shoes. I just wanted something comfy with a low heel. I also wanted them to be Navy and I found a pair at DSW for $60. I was pretty satisfied.

  • Congrats! Those will be great for the vintage/antique feel like you said. 
  • I just got mine too. I have coveted my shoes for a long time and they were at DSW and I had to get them. :)
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