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'When do you need to know by?'

That was the question one of FI's relatives asked me this morning on the phone. Our RSVP deadline is tomorrow. We're still waiting on nine RSVPs -- most of them his family. She called me to tell me she hadn't mailed it back yet, because she didn't know if she could come, because she can't drive that far, and she'd have to carpool with her daughters, and only one of the daughters is coming, but she's not sure if she wants to ride with that daughter, and the other daughter hasn't decided yet, because she's not sure how busy she'll be that weekend. So then she said to me, "When do you need to know by?"

Me: The RSVP deadline is tomorrow. We're waiting until Saturday, and then we're calling people.
Her: But when do you have to know by? 
Me: I just said...Saturday.
Her: NO, but when is your deadline?
Me: Saturday.
Her: No, no, I mean, when do you have to know?
Me: We. Have. To. Know. By. Saturday. Anyone we do not hear from by Saturday affirmatively will be called and told, "I'm sorry you won't be attending."
Her: But when do you have to absolutely know? What's the latest I can RSVP?
Me: *headdesk*

Also, FI's grandmother (who's bat-shit crazy) wants to know if I can arrange for her sister-in-law, who doesn't drive, to be driven to gma's daughter's house the day of the wedding so she can be carpooled up to the wedding with gma, daughter, and daughter's son. Nineteen days out; why can't people realise the bride has better things to do than sort out other people's transportation issues?

I'm gonna go with 'not my circus, not my monkeys.'

Re: 'When do you need to know by?'

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