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4 days to go... any last minute advice?

Finally! After a year of engagement, my wedding is this Saturday! Any words of advice for me? Anyone forget to bring something with them to the ceremonmy or reception that you really ended up needing? I want all my bases covered! So ready for this. :)
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Re: 4 days to go... any last minute advice?

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    As long as you both show up... You really don't need anything else. 

    Try to relax these last few days and then enjoy the big day!  It will fly by! 
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    if your ceremony starts 5 minutes late, DON'T PANIC! Your guests won't notice.
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    Have your maid of honor bring a little bridal emergency kit, safety pins, double sided tape etc. All weddings run late at one point or another. Take it in stride - it'll be the one day that no one will care about waiting on you! Also, look up when walking down the aisle, don't worry about tripping - you won't. Finally, hold the first kiss just a little while. As a photographer, this is one of those essential moments. And EAT before hand - not a saltine and some water, a real (even if it is small) meal. There's tons more, but you'll be fine. Deep breaths.
    Last - if you cry, cry. Don't hide it. It'll be those photos years from now that still get to you.
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    Try and get as much sleep as you can during the week - the night before I din't sleep too much.

    Trust that your vendors will deal with the little things that come up during the day - they are the professionals you picked to do the job.

    DH and I ducked away for a few minutes a few times during the reception just so we could take it all in.  We decided it was best for us to be able to split up from time to time to spend time with our guests.  It worked will for us.

    If you have a corset back dress - get it "snugged up" before you start dancing and double check your bustle.

    EAT during the day and at your reception and stay hydrated!

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    pee backwards :) my fave piece of advice I got, and it works!!! And SERIOUSLY- DONT SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF! My flowers werent exactly what I asked for.  It was windy and cold.  I didn't care. You wont worry about all that, just be happy you are married to the man of your dreams!
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    Enjoy your day!! :) Don't forget to stop a few times and take it all in. I hear the day is over before you know it! Best wishes!

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