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Rehearsal Dinner Venue!

So Zarda BBQ did not pan out for us... about 2 days after we called for estimates they increased their prices by like a dollar a person. And FI and I went down to the one in Blue Springs yesterday (the one we were going to have the RD at), and it was just... ew. Hard to come up with a better description, lol.

So this morning we were back to square one, and while I was searching around, I came across a site that said Minsky's Pizza had group party packs, and that some locations had a "private party room". I wasn't too sure about how much it'd cost, because i've been to Minsky's before with just FI and spent a buttload of money on our meal, but I figured i'd give it a shot.

I called the one in Independence and they don't have a special room, so then I tried Lee's Summit. Apparently, they do have an area that is sectioned off from the rest of the restaurant that can seat about 25-30 people. They also have party pack prices for 20 people and 30 people. The 20 person one I think she said costs $130, and the 30 person pack costs $160. The only thing that I would say is a bit annoying, is that on Fridays and Saturdays they will not hold reservations between 5-8pm because they're too busy. But anytime other than that they will, so we'll just set it up to go there before 5. But if I get the 30 person package deal, it'll be about $6.65 a person for my 24 guests, and there'll be extras in case some people want more food. I just wanted to share, maybe this will help somebody out! I know it made me happy! :)

Re: Rehearsal Dinner Venue!

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    So glad you found some place!
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    I think that will be a great, laid back option...Enjoy!
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    Minsky's is my fav! So glad you posted an update FireyTiger!  I <3 u!

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    Yeah, when I told FI about it he seemed pretty happy. Pizza overall is a pretty univeral crowd pleaser. It seemed like everything we came up with, was like "No, we can't do that because these 5 people can't/won't eat it" or "no, this is too expensive". And i'm glad we were able to find something that's much better than Pizza Street but doesn't COST much more! I personally like Pizza Street on occasion, but I didn't honestly want to have it there, I was just not finding any other options that were viable and affordable.
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    We are going with Minksy's off the Plaza -- very excited about it. They actually don't have "party packs" there - just their regular special - buy a large, get one for $10.99.

    I'm very excited about it and think it will be casual, but nice. Hope this is helpful!
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