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Grocery Store Cakes?

What are your opinions on Grocery Store wedding cakes? I saw something on Goodmorning America saying that cakes at Grocery Stores could be just as good as cakes from a great bakery! Plus, they're SO much cheaper. I'm so intrigued! On a teacher's salary, I'd really love to save some money somewhere. But will it sound cheap when I answer where I got my cake with "Walmart"? What are your opinions?

Re: Grocery Store Cakes?

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    Personally we have a groccery store here that is called Shop Rite (formerly Kleins) and I absolutely love their cakes.  They are moist and super tasty.  In fact I used them to get cupcakes for my sisters bridal shower.

    Honestly, it shouldn't matter where you get your cake from or how much you spend on it, as long as it tastes amazing and looks the way you want it to then that is all that matters.

    And if people love the cake but then scrunch their noses up when you tell them it is from Walmart, then they have a snobby attitude.

  • Hey Hun,
    Ok, I say go for what you can afford. At the end of the day it's your day and who cares what others think. Secondly I was in my cousins wedding in 2010 and she had gotten her cake from walmart. At first I'm like Walmart. But when I tell you that her cake was really pretty and very tasty.. And people didn't even know.....
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  • We are going for Hy-Vee, its our local grocery store... There have been soooo many rave reviews about how their cakes are just as good if not better than a bakery bakery cake! A lot of people let you taste their cakes first. I say you should do a taste test of all the bakeries you would want or can order from and go by taste!
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  • Nothing at all wrong with a grocery store cake.  Here is my word of caution for you.  Ask to see pictures of cakes done by the person who will do yours, not the big book they use to show what kinds of decorated cakes they offer.  Every Walmart or other chain store uses the same book so you have no idea how talented (or not talented) the baker at the store is.  Ask if they have pictures of what they have actually done.
  • If it tastes good, who cares where it came from.  I have had some less-than-stellar cakes that I know were from pricey bakeries, expensive doesn't always mean delicious.  I think Costco cakes are amazing...not sure if you are a member or have one near by.  

  • it depends who baking it....publix tends to have itbetter cakes. walmart cakesion unless has changed come prebaked unlike publix.  student baker or a person who works out  of the home is an affordable option. Get a smaller version of your cake and sheet cake the guests. you can even rent a cake online...sheet cake everyone.
  • A coworker of mine had her cake done by Whole Foods. They make great cake! Personally, I would pick a bit better (customer service and otherwise) store, but it really just depends what works best for you and your  budget.
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  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Grocery Store Cakes?</a>:
    [QUOTE]A coworker of mine <strong>had her cake done by Whole Foods</strong>. They make great cake! Personally, I would pick a bit better (customer service and otherwise) store, but it really just depends what works best for you and your  budget.
    Posted by TiffanyT816[/QUOTE]

    <div>Their cakes are delicious. I have some of their Key Lime filled cupcakes in my fridge right now. </div><div>
    </div><div>OP, I would definitely check out a few area grocery stores before I committed to just one. I think some Walmarts do good work, but I would probably go with a store that's more of a grocery (in my neck of the woods, that's Kroger). </div>
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    I think the quality is going to vary hugely by who is employed by that particular store. There are 2 Whole Foods close to me, and if I'm getting a cake I tend to go to one rather than the other because they tend to look and taste better.
  • are you hoping for a custom cake made at the store's bakery or one of the pre made cakes?  i've had birthday cakes and the fancier pre made cakes from grocery stores and they usually taste bland and the icing is way too sweet. that being said, if you get a grocery store cake, make sure it's a good quality one!
  • I work in a grocery store bakery (Giant Eagle, it's a PA/OH store) and our cakes are amazing.  However, our location doesn't do tiered cakes, just sheet cakes.  but they taste great!
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