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*#$% - 10 Days to go!!!

For the symbols what every expletive works in your brain is fine... 

I believe we're in good shape for the wedding - and once I stop playing on the interwebs and start painting the house will be there too...  We have our venue, attire, officiant, decor (still need to print 6 pictures), DJ,  photographer.... Still need to rent chairs.  We have everything we need for the RD just needs to be wrapped and speeches written.... Okay I officially quit... or need to hire help...or need to get the FI off his duff...

The FI and DSD are going to the doctors today, because they both have caught back to back colds. There is something to be said about not having tonsils or adnoids.

Re: *#$% - 10 Days to go!!!

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    WOW!  10 days.  Hoping all goes well in the next few days and your family gets healthy soon.
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  • MikesAngieMikesAngie member
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    Oh yeah and we need to get our license... Thanks Right1... *sigh*

    I officially am tired of wedding planning....

    Just got an email from one of my bridesmaids.  Long story short she had the flu was on Tamiflu, got feeling healthy enough to go snowshoeing with a group of kids she mentors, got sick again - Now she's rethinking coming to the wedding.  She will let me know next week.... I'm done.... At this point I don't @#$* ing care. be here or don't but don't stress me out about it....
  • Sue-n-KevinSue-n-Kevin member
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    Wow, a lot on your plate Angie?

    Step away from the evil interweb, deal with painting your wall, and tell the soon-to-be-hubby there's still time to cancel if he can't pitch in and help!

    Best wishes for a fabulous wedding day!
  • mybooboosmybooboos member
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    Wow...10 days.  Although hectic, you sound like you have a lot under control!  Congratulations to you on a job well done...

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  • fireytigerfireytiger member
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    Woo, it's almost over!! Don't let it get to you, just write down a list of what you need to do and start checking it off as you can. Don't sweat the small stuff, just make sure you've got the big stuff taken care of (marriage license should probably take precedence over wrapping presents for the RD for example Wink). You're almost there! :)
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    WOW 10 days, you are getting close. Take time to breathe. 10 minutes in a quiet room. I'm excited for you!

    During this time I was done with all DIY and had everything packed and lists made. During the last week we were trying to finalize our catering and that's what drove me over the edge. Thank goodness I had good vendors to jump in and help.  The DH took over in the end. I hate to communicate on such a big thing over email and I told the caterer to call me to discuss. She had excuses not to call every time. That really pissed me off and wrote her a scathing email and told the DH that I was DONE.

    It's such an exciting time. Although very hard to relax, even for laid back personalities try to enjoy it.  I feel you on being done with planning, by that time I was over it and done too. Just wanted to get the wedding day to arrive and go on the HM.

    Take care ....
  • Marrin713Marrin713 member
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    Go paint Ang.  Take your mind off things.
  • AbbeyS2011AbbeyS2011 member
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    Woo Hoo - 10 more days!  Hang in there sweetie - it will all come together.

    Waiting anxiously for recap and pics............especially dress pics.........
  • MikesAngieMikesAngie member
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    Wall has first coat of paint and is looking good!

    Marriage License applied for and in hand!

    9 days....
  • Lisa50Lisa50 member
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    Yikes!  I stay away for 3 days and all of a sudden - BOOM - things are going all nutty!  Hang in there, Angie.  You may now stop planning the wedding ... it's all about enjoying the fruits of your labor.  Cheers!
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    Go paint and relax...You will have a wonderful special day!!

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