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Hello fellow Omaha area brides. Please help...anyone getting married, get married or know someone who got married at 1316 and if so what is the tipping situation? My f.h. and I are planning on tipping servers/bartenders but we were wondering what everyone else did. Did you also give a tip to Chad the site manager/coordinator? (He rocks btw!) Any advice would be much appreciated! Thank you!!! Smile

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  • You should check to see whether the tip is built in, first.
  • Generally speaking, the business owners do not get tipped because they are the ones getting all the profit from the night when it is all said and done while the servers just get a low set amount. However, if you feel that the owner did a fabulous job, it would be perfectly fine if you wanted to tip them, though they would probablly appreciate referrals/good online revviews just as much.

    Unrelated, but my FI and I are considering them. How much are they charging you for the bartending service before gratuity?
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    Thanks for the input ladies! I'm not sure that he actually owns the business per se or just is the site/catering manager. But he has been absolutely wonderful to work with. Tip is not built in, that I have already confirmed.

    To answer your question AmiSpade...the bar service really depends overall on what you choose. We are going with one of their packages (a per person option), but I know they will do cash bar, set limits, just a specialty drink, etc. They do charge a 18% service fee on top of whatever the bar amount you choose to go with. I'm told it's for set up, etc. And there is sales tax. In addtion you pay per hour for bartenders. We have 2 bartenders for about 5 hours and it's just under $200. I hope this helps.  Thanks again! If you do decide to go with them let me know if I can help answer anything else. I know how many times I could have used the guidance!!
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