is anyone local with a tiny budget?

I would love to approach international boards because they get more traffic but I feel like its hard when they def have different costs of living add ettiquette expectations and stuff. Im on an extremely limited budget and the days getting close but were still trying to find ways to cut corners. Im sure locals will understand with all of our huge families my guest list is almost at two hundred and its making me so anxious. I have a dress my bms have theirs we have a venue, photographer, a cake, a caterer, and a possible renter for tables and stuff. Were stressing hardcore though about the cost of rentals and a band to go with our vintage theme. Does anyone have any tips? Which vendors did you use that were surprisingly cheap?

Re: is anyone local with a tiny budget?

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    For everything
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    For chair covers I'm going through Eliana events.. she works on her own so she has a limited amount of linens.. but so far she is giving me a reasonable price with set up. What type of rentals are you looking for? For table or chairs theres also Accel rentals and Royal Rentals. Never hurts to browse around and always mention you have a budget. All vendors have really tried to stay within my budget, but then theres so much they can do and recommend. Also ask family and friends if they know of anyone within the industry,  or ask your current vendors of any recommendations. Sometimes because vendors work with the same vendors they may give you a little discount.  In hawaii it's pretty much who you know honestly.

    For a band, I'm going with Randy Allen.. we dont like hawaiian music much, he's more R&B if you're into that. Hope that helps. 
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    Lol ya I know the drill. Were calling in as many favorable as possible but Eben then were looking at 8 grand which isn't exactly ideal. We got Hawaiian food for 5 a head! But were still pushing 8k...
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    The band thing is what's really pissing me off though! Im an entertainer and all.of my friends are entertainers of some sort all we want is some.big band music but everyone wants to charge us like a thousand dollars I can't believe no ones given us a break with all of our connections...the rental Guy is one of my dad's classmates all three of us graduated from the same school
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    Where did you get your food from??? We're getting married in April 2014. Thanks!
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    Hello! I'm wondering if you don't mind telling me where you rented all your tables, chairs and tent from? I'm local also but have lived on mainland or last 13 years. Where did you have your reception and ceremony? We are also on a budget and hoping to keep cost down. We are having 100 people. Mahalo for your help!!
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