Checks and Raves! (Especially for plus sized brides)

Woo! We live in TX and have been home (Royal Oak) since December 18th. 

I found my wedding dress at Le Salon Bridal in Royal Oak. I HIGHLY recommend this place. They specialize in couture gowns at all prices -- I think their dresses range from $1,000 all the way to $18,000. They are by appointment only and it's one on one, so I was the only bride in the store while I was trying my dresses on. The woman (Alexis) who helped me was amazingly nice and helpful, and it was the only bridal dress place (I went to four altogether) where I felt heard and "special." In fact, they had four of the dresses from my wedding binder for me to try on. 

This is the important part for me -- ladies, I am a size 22. It was EXTREMELY frustrating to go from place to place where the consultants refused to even TRY to help me shimmy into any dresses. Some just looked at dresses and said "nope, not going to work." It was very discouraging -- especially when I had specifically chosen dresses that I knew could at least go over my head so I could see the shape. Alexis helped me squeeze into things, and assured me that it was "just a sample dress, that's what they're for" whenever I heard a stitch rip and apologized (my boobs were a big problem, I'm a G). She would then pull and hold the dress to my form to show me what it would look like. NO OTHER PLACE DID THIS FOR ME. My dress ended up being from Allure, and will be custom made to my measurements. This fact combined with the outstanding service I received there made me fall in love. I almost wish I could get married again just so I could re-live such a fun experience.

Without further ado, here is my dress: http://www.allurebridals.com/index.php?id=3&product_id=527

Yesterday, my bridesmaids and I picked out their dresses:

Tomorrow is cake and flowers, we meet with the officiant on Wednesday, and have engagement pictures on Thursday. I've been very busy while I'm home, but things are coming together and we're getting excited! Hope you've all had a nice holiday!
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Re: Checks and Raves! (Especially for plus sized brides)

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    YAY! Congrats on the check and I love your dress :)
  • emarston1emarston1 member
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    That is a gorgeous dress!  Congrats!  It's so romantic and I usually don't like textured dresses like that.

    And I love the bridesmaids dresses as well.  Very simple but that's great for BM dresses.
  • Kimbus 87Kimbus 87 member
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    Beautiful. Glad you had such a great expierence!
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    It's beautiful and I'm glad you had a positive experience!
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  • ms nobodyms nobody member
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    Hi Emma! ::waves:: (this is scott c's wife, btw. i thought i'd drop in and say hello while i was lurking.)

    Your dress is beautiful! One of the june 2010 knotties wore it, and it was amazing in pics. very elegant. 

    Happy planning! 

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    Your dress is beautiful!
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    LOVE the dress!  You will look great, I am sure.  Congrats!
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    Hey Patrice! I didn't realize you were on here. :)

    Thanks! I am sooo excited about my dress. I want it now so I can just try it on a million times and wear it around the house. Haha. We need to meet in person sometime! I haven't seen Scott in years, and it's ridiculous. The distance kind of makes it hard though, I guess. 
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    Congrats on finding your dress! It's gorgeous!! :)
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  • bltatabltata member
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    That dress is amazing!  I love the shape and have no doubt you'll look GORGEOUS!
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    The dress is stunning!!! And I'm sooooo happy you had wonderful service. I have DD's... but I'm also a size 8. No, my boobs aren't fake, but I do feel discouraged because of them when I try on dresses and whatnot. I had wonderful service at Demetrio's in Troy and it was totally reassuring. Ahhh, your dress is just so beautiful!! 
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