Is June really the busiest month to get married in? My mom keeps freaking out and telling me that. We found the venue we just need to book it,(June 18th, its a monday.) but my FI's grandmother is helping us pay for the reception and my FI really wants to pay in full and get a 10% discount. We saw the venue on Saturday and instantly fell in love. I think he is planning on booking in December because he gets his Christmas bonus and he has yet to talk to his grandma  and I am starting to get nervous because we ALWAYS plan something and something always happens and it falls through. I would be livid if this happened on our wedding date. ((It would be our 4 year anniversary)) Granted I know his grandma is helping and I don't want to be pushy because I am so grateful she is helping, I'm just starting to get a little stressed....

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    I don't think June is really that busy here, and especially not on a Monday.   Our wedding was on a Thursday, and we had no issues at all booking anything about 5-6 months out.  We also got a lot of great discounts for it being a weekday.  =)

    I don't think you have anything to worry about!  =)
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    June is a very slow month in Phoenix, due to the weather. In other parts of the country it is the biggest wedding month but not Phoenix. Also, Monday is not a very common day for weddings. Needless to say, I cannot imagine that waiitng until December would be any issue for you, you could probably wait much longer than that.
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    Thank you, that is what I was thinking, but you know how mothers are. 
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    Yes, June is an insanely popular month for weddings....back east.  In AZ, it's considered an off-peak month because of the heat and a lot of venues even give discounts as an incentive to book during the summer here.
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    I would imagine that you could book a Monday in June in June. Seriously. I don't recommend it, but I don't think you will have a problem.

    I had zero problem with vendors being booked for my July wedding at any point in the planning process. In fact, most of them had no other weddings that day, and many had a plethora of open dates that time of year. I also got lots of off-peak (read: we really want business) discounts.

    FTR: everything was inside, so the only hot-guests issues we had was getting from cars to venues.
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    We booked the venue! The Wright Hout in Mesa! They have fans and misters we can use no charge, and the ceremony will be in the evening. Fingers crossed for beautiful weather!! 
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