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Don't know where to get hotel room blocks

Ok, so we're having a lunchtime wedding at Wild Acres Villa in Paisley (AKA the middle of nowhere). The closest hotels I can find are in Deland, but I haven't been able to find any nice ones (they don't have to be fancy, just the upscale side of medium). I'm not sure if we'll be having any wedding weekend events, but if we do, they will be close to home, in Altamonte Springs, about an hour from the wedding.
So, do I book some hotels in Deland? Should I just get places in Altamonte Springs? Some combination of both? Or should I get a few in Lake Mary/Sanford/Orange City, which are about halfway?
Also, if anyone has hotel recommendations in Deland, I would appreciate it!

Re: Don't know where to get hotel room blocks

  • I looked at Wild Acres Villa, and had the same problem. 75% of our guests are from out of town, so not having a close hotel was a problem for us! I wish I could help, but the little research I did, I didn't find much.
    I would get the hotel as close as possible, because most out of town guests will probably rent a car and not want to drive very far in unfamiliar territory.
    Good luck!
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