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Future sister in law?

I don't know what to have my future sister in law do. My fiancees mother is badgering me about what she can do. She will be 13 when we get married so she won't be a bridesmaid and I don't like the idea of a jr. bridesmaid. What can I have her do? Her mom got offended that I suggested something smaller like guest book or something like that
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Re: Future sister in law?

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    What about having her do a reading during the ceremony? Or hold your wedding rings?

    Or being your personal attendant?

    Personally we didn't have jobs like guestbook, etc. at our wedding b/c IMO, they're just kind of "filler" jobs...

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    yeah shes just so shy and kinda of a late bloomer, shes not really mature enough for her age...i want to incorporate her somehow i just dont know how
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    My fiance has 2 younger sisters. One will be 13 when we get married and the other will be 18. I was originally going to have them both be personal attendants, but now I am having the younger one be a Junior bridesmaid. I think a personal attendant is a good job because you can tell her that she basically gets to be your helper all day and that you will depend on her for a lot of things. It will make the job sound important even though its not a difficult one.
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    I would have to disagree about the personal attendant thing...ask your FMIL what she suggests for your FSIL.  Get the FSIL involved and see what she feels comfortable doing.  Decide together so everyone is happy.
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    what do all of you think of me having her light the candles and distribute the flower petals for guests to throw when we walk through...the candles let her be involved and people focus on her for that part but then she gets another job too
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    I love that idea!  When she lights the candles, it could be right before the processional where family members walk down the aisle so she could be signaling the start of your wedding.  What a special and important job!
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