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Where did you buy your bridesmaid sarees from and did you have a price limit that you tried to stay under? Also, did you pick the sarees or did you let the girls pick them out?

I'm starting to look around for bridesmaid sarees and I'm going to buy them for the girls since all of them (except for one) are non-Indian and will probably never wear the saree again. They have started to look around but I'm wondering if it's just easier for me to send them some options. I'm hoping I can find pretty ones in the $150 range.

What did you do?

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    We ordered them from India and my mom went and picked them up.  I needed 7 saris and it was just way too expensive to get them from the US.  I tried getting them in Edison, and everyone wanted to charge about $400 for each sari.  I admit, I wanted super fancy ones, but my mom found saris in India for about $150 each.
    You could try online too.  I was thinking about doing this if my mom didn’t go to India.  But it does take a while to get the saris from the online stores.
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    I got my BM sari from NEW YORK-there is a girl name rehana and she sell things from a store in here basement, she has gorgeous BM sari for about $150, she orders them from india in any quantity  her number is 1718 465 5452
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    I ordered mine from Pinky Chopra on Long Island, NY.  We met and I picked out the styles and colors I wanted, and she had them made by her company in India.  I paid $200 each and they came out amazing.  Attached is a pic of the top.  She can be reached at 516-287-5439.

    I paid $200 each and they turned out amazingly.
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