Rose petal aisle art??

Hello ladies,
I was wondering if any of you have used rose petal designs or are looking into this. I saw this beautiful picture which I would  for my outdoor wedding (hacienda/garden venue). Any ideas, suggestions or tips??
Here is an image below to give you an idea.

Re: Rose petal aisle art??

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    I'm very interested in getting info on this as well! I saw the pic in the link below of the rose petal carpet  and thought "I have to have THAT!!" I've looked into it a little bit.....and I've found that Nectar Designs in Sedona does them (and the type of designs you have posted above), but haven't checked into any place in Phoenix that does them. I'm scared to find out the price of doing something like this, because for now, I'd still like to believe it's in my budget lol! Tongue out
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    I'm pretty sure they made hearts with the petals for our wedding, but honestly I didn't even notice it...  DH said something about it later.  LOL

    And of course as soon as you walk over it, they're all over the place anyway....  so while it's neat for a picture or two, I'm not sure it would be worth spending a ton of money on! 
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    That's what is kind of cool about the 'carpets' or pre-done designs - They knit the roses together somehow onto material, so that they dont get disturbed and people don't ruin them by walking all over them. I was super concerned about the design getting ruined as well, but the one company I've found (Nectar Designs) creates them so that you don't have to worry about it! :) Very cool, but again, not sure how expensive one of those would cost ya...I just know I want one haha!
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    Nectar is the tlaqauapaque exclusive florist in Sedona but Nectar is really a division ofEvents by  showstopper who did all my floral.... Ken and Jim are AMAZING!  If you can afford it go for it.  I can get very expensive.  From what I understand they guys will work with Phoenix brides. I can't say enough wonderful things about them... see my avitar for photos... I am waiting for my pro pics and will post as soon as I get then,
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