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Grocery store wedding cake?

Both my fiancé and I are not big cake people, in fact we really wanted donuts for our wedding dessert. Donuts are a big part of my family's celebration, but aren't traditional enough for my FMIL. My future mother in law was appalled by the idea so we've decided to get a traditional cake and donuts on the side.

But, this concession/compromise is now happening 6 weeks before our wedding. I have no problem getting a wedding cake from a grocery store--and timing almost dictates that at this point. I know some reading this will have strong objections to this, but my fiancé and I want to spend our funds on things that matter most to us as a couple starting a marriage together.

Has anyone gotten a wedding cake from a grocery store? If so, which one and what were your experiences? Thanks!

Re: Grocery store wedding cake?

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    Well I know David tutera would have a problem with it, but he would have a problem with a lot of things I am doing at my wedding. Grocery stores can make really nice looking cakes and they can be very tasty. I see no problem with this to save money, especially if cake is no big deal to you. I recommend Sam's Club, they have delicious cake.
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    I think the major complaint with grocery store cakes is that the frosting is too sweet/tastes very processed. If this is a concern to you go in for a tasting and if it is too sweet ask them to use less frosting. if it tastes processed see what they can do as far as using organic ingredients in your cake.  If the cake isn't important and will just be there to appease your FMIL I wouldn't worry about it too much.
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    Your guests will never know the difference.  Post on your local board and ask if any brides in your area have had success with any of your local grocery store chains.  Also just stop by a couple of them and see what they can and how much they charge.

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    Yeah, my problem with grocery store cakes is the sickly sweetness too. I've yet to have a good one from a national chain. The best mass produced sheet cake I've had though, was from Costco. I'd definitely recommend checking them out. They at least tasted like they used butterr as opposed to a bucket full hydrogenated oils mixed with high fructose corn syrup.
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    I would definately recommend either Sams Club or Kroger. I know a lot of people do not like Wal-Mart & I don't blame them!
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    My best friend got her cake at Publix, and it was delicious!
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    I love Publix cakes!  They do wedding cakes too so if you have them in your area check them out.
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    My mother suggested a grocery store cake and at first I was completely offended. I had yet to have a grocery cake that didn't taste like a grocery cake, so it wasn't even in my realm of consideration. However, Central Market has some decent cakes. The only issue I have with them is the icing is far too much and far too little sweetness. It's like licking a tub of Crisco. Or atleast that's how it was on the two cakes I tried. I bet they have other icing choices, though.

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    I think there is absolutely nothing wrong with a grocery store cake. Personally I have never been to a wedding where one was used but honestly, how good do real wedding cakes taste anyway? If you stay away from a lot of frosted decoration, then the cake won't be overly sweet.

    Wheneve we had parties for graduate students who defended their PhD theses, we always went with a Costco cake. It looked good (but not wedding style if that's a problem), could be personalized, and tasted good.

    I had a get together at my house once and everyone raved about how good the cake was and kept asking me what bakery I went to. My answer: Pathmark.
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    I had a cake from Dillion's at my first wedding. It was informal and a bit rushed, so when my mom suggested it I really didn't think much about it. She showed up with the cake and it was very pretty and tasted amazing. The marriage didn't last, but I certainly enjoyed that cake lol. I'm seriously considering getting another from that store for my much more serious and formal wedding to a wonderful man who I love like crazy. Fortuantely he's not picky, cake is cake in his book.
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    Some grocery store cakes are getting very creative they look like they came from a bakery.  I agree if you rather spend the money somewhere else go for the grocery store cake - if you don't tell anyone they will never know.
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    I third the suggestion for Publix. Best supermarket cake I've ever eaten
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    Yes Publix cakes are awesome!
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    There is a specialty grocery store here in Oregon that makes the best cakes I've ever eaten, even better (IMO) than those from the local patisserie. They also make wedding cakes. They are my first choice for our wedding cake. I have heard that while other grocery store bakeries will make wedding cakes, delivery and assembly options are more limited than what you would get from a traditional bakery. It's something to ask about when you have a consultation.
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    My favorite cake in the world is from our grocery store.  It's awesome!

    If you go with the grocery store, they don't have decorators who are quite as skilled (you're basically paying more for a better tasting cake and less for the decorations, whereas usually with wedding cake you're paying more for the skilled decorator and not expecting the best tasting cake ever) so I would just keep your design fairly simple OR even get an all white tiered cake and just add edible flowers or something.
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    I don't know about your Walmart but mine has started making really cool cakes. Instead of sheet cakes they make two tier cakes with fondant and they look really pretty but I don't know how well they taste.

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