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Rhode Island

Yet another Towers Question

I have some more specific questions as I would like to get an idea of things before I start contacting venues, since I am planning from OOS.

I am heavily considering The Towers or North Beach, but I think our families would prefer The Towers.  Also, I think it may have more room, which is good since most of our guests do not like to dance, but our Moms will definitely want to....and I think I just have to bite the bullet and get a DJ so they are happy (my wedding day is not all about me, my mom is definitely the pickier one, and me paying for this wedding is still cheaper than her paying for college.  THAT was all about me).  For me, a packed dance floor isn't the sign of a good party if everyone is uncomfortable on the inside.  I know I like to dance in short bursts, myself.

Anyway...I have seen that the Saturday evening rate is 2400 (oh how frustrating that my fiance was a resident for so long, but not now).  I have heard that you must rent tables through them.  Does this go for linens too?  Anyone remember any approximate rates?  I would probably have seating for 90.  I will also probably need buffet tables.  I would love to skip the tables, but I think it's nice, even if you mingle, to 'your seat'

Also, does anyone know how strict their policy on leaving a box of items for the morning would be?  I don't want one the well intentioned men insisting on forgoing the shuttle to help transport decorations when he insists he's okay to drive but shouldn't. 

And of course....so I am looking at October.  I want to go outside for cocktail hour weather permitting, but am fully prepared to enjoy the outdoor view from inside.  Anybody know if you can reserve the patio only if the weather is nice, or do you lose your deposit on cocktail hour if it's windy. 

Are ceremony's done in the same room as the reception?

Re: Yet another Towers Question

  • Mrs.McIrishMrs.McIrish member
    edited December 2011
    Hi, I got married at the Towers last June. You get linens from your caterer. The Towers does not provide or rent.  You get the tables and chairs from the Towers. You pay per table/chair so the less you need, the less you have to pay for. There are different prices for different levels of chairs.  I got the "medium" price chair and it was around $3-4?  Table were around $10 per table (also depends on the size, that was the 60 in round).  All in all, I had seating upstairs for 140, the outside cocktail hour with some tables/chairs, hi-top tables on the deck upstairs and some around the dance floor, the bar tables/gift/escort card table and a sweetheart table. My entire fee to the Towers was $3955. That included the the $2400 rental, the tables/chairs and the outside cocktail space.  It was my understanding that I would not get the cocktail hour space charge back if the weather was crappy. I actually only paid for it the day before the wedding because the weather was questionable all week.  It actually poured the morning of my wedding and I was wondering if I'd get the $$ back. Fortunately the sun came out and we were able to use it.

    As for your question on buffet tables- do you mean the long narrow tables for people to sit at or to actually set up buffet tables for the food?  I think it is tight in there to do a buffet but that may just be me (and with 90 people maybe ok).

    I don't think you can leave anything there to pick up the next day. At least that's what the rules/regulations say. I hired a DOC so she took everything back to my hotel so I never asked if the policy was enforced.  If you ask and Kate says OK, I would suggest you get in writing in an email. She tends to forget stuff.

    Yes, ceremony would be in same room which is tough for setting up the reception. We did not have the ceremony there so I can't say more about it.  GL!

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  • wyneywyney member
    edited December 2011
    Thanks, that's a huge help....we're actually a few months away from actually looking to book venues, but this is a big help.

    That's too bad about the reception room and ceremony room and cocktail room (if it's  cold, windy, wet) being the same, but at least it's convenient!
  • i2012doi2012do member
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    edited December 2011
    I read through this a bit and got what Mrs Mc. Touched on. I have additional to add- but I know I typed it all up for a bride....

    so email me and I will send to you what I sent to her with teh current rates etc.
    I know that the $4 chairs are the white ones, and the chivari at $8 a chair- YOU MUST rent with Kate at the Towers

    Ditto on the writing stuff down- or just have her intial it in the contract. She can be frustrating to work with- but its worth the effort for a beautiful location

    My email is JCorvese at gmail dot com
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