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Wedding Recap :) (PIP Heavy)

We had an absolutely amazing day on Sunday in the Poconos.  Everything went perfect and if anything did go wrong, I don't know about it.  It may be awhile before I can share pro pics, but I did get some wonderful pictures from several of our guests.

We actually got to eat ... A LOT and for me at least, the day went really slow.  I soaked it all in and wouldn't trade one second of it.  Our photographer was actually able to sneak us out on a canoe in the Delaware River during our reception for some pictures and I'm not sure how many people saw us doing that, so I think those will be fun to show our families.  

We had a perfect wedding.  I can't brag enough about our amazing venue and our fantastic vendors.  They were all above and beyond what I could have ever hoped for.  One of the coolest things that we didn't know about until we were at our RD was that the venue supplied H and me with a personal attendant who was there through the RD, ceremony, with us while we were taking pictures after the ceremony (she brought our BP hors d'ourves and champagne for H and myself), throughout the reception and the brunch the next day.  IT WAS AWESOME!

Ceremony Site:
Parents walking me down the aisle (all fighting back tears):
Breaking the glass:
Husband & Wife:
Cupcake Tier!:
Entering the Reception (Probably my favorite non-pro pic so far):
Us with MIL:
Us with H's Group of Friends:


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