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September 2012 Weddings

What's your next Planning Step? Are you behind on anything?

This past week was my most productive period of wedding planning yet.  In one week FI and I:

Went to cake tastings and ordered a cake!
Made the final choice of photographer and got engagement pics taken that came with our package
Set up a hotel block
Did about 75% of our registry
Booked the Honeymoon!
Had the first planning meeting with the caterers
Had the first meeting with our officiant

I am still BEHIND on sending STDs and picking wedding colors!

Re: What's your next Planning Step? Are you behind on anything?

  • Nice job!  Really productive weekend!  I'm in the same section of planning, and recently did the wedding hotel block, booked the honeymoon, and met/booked an officiant.  Next on my list are figuring out the flowers, ordering bridal and bridesmaids jewelry, and ordering the invites.  We aren't doing STDs, and are just sending invites out a bit sooner.
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  • we've booked a lot of stuff, though we still haven't booked the honeymoon. i also am a little behind because i realized i had some forms from the church that i thought i had turned in ages ago! but i plan to turn them in this weekend.

    next things to book are the photobooth, hair&makeup, and tuxes. we have our tasting coming up on the 30th. i think we're in decent shape.
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  • My next thing is experimenting with hair and makeup, printing up my invites, and chipping away at the rest of my DIY list.  I am happy with where we are because I know toward the end of April the wedding will be pushed aside in lieu of my final exams. 
  • I wouldn't say I'm behind on anything but I have a few things coming up.
    Hair/make up trial in May
    Possibly meeting with officiant in May as well

    Right now we're making some final decisions with the guest list so we can send the last few STD's out.

    We're working on figuring out the honeymoon as well.
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  • I don't know where I am with planning, I just sort of do things randomly but I try my best to keep up with TK's checklist. I think I got quite a bit done like the venues booked & photographers, caterer, florist, & photobooth picked out (just got to go book em), bought the dress with my shoes & accessories, and I'm anxiously waiting for the STDs to arrive. Once fiance finally moves into town in about 2 months, I feel alot of wedding planning like cake tasting, tux ordering, honeymoon hotel booking, etc. will set off. All this planning is making my head spin, I cannot wait for Sept. to finally be here.
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  • That's a great list of stuff done, congrats! I need to get going on the DIY more, I always feel behind on it!
  • I'm glad I'm not the only one who hasn't sent out STDs yet!!! We haven't gotten back our engagement pics back yet (they were only taken Feb. 20), but I'm stressing about these!!!

    Also, we don't have a DJ yet. Again, behind.

    I'm very close to booking a florist though! Yay!
  • I think next would be booking the rooms in a hotel but I have to wait til Bike Week and spring break is over with. I could do invitations but I am just not in the mood
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  • I'm very frustrated with planning at the moment.  I have all the big stuff done, but I'm really struggling with the little stuff.

    I want to DIY the table numbers, but our printer is officially dead.  I have them designed, butI have to buy a new one before I can print/cut/make them.

    Also, our ceremony venue is very hands off.  They will tell us what we need, but will not help us with any of it.  I am in serious need of a sound tech for the ceremony, but I can't find anyone that can do it.  I found a student who could do it, but he won't be able to give me a definite answer until 1 month before the wedding so I need to find a better option.
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  • I haven't really looked at timelines, so I have no clue where I should be at this point.

    I do still have to figure out a florist. I need to get on that. Most of my decor will not be cut flowers, but I will need some and of course bouquets and things like that.

    I need to figure out:
    -Ceremony Music
    -Finalize Decor
    -Order/send out STD's
    -Finalize Invites

    And what really irks me is that FI has not finalized his guest list OR his groomsman. Grr!

  • island07b2bisland07b2b member
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    This Saturday I meet with my event designer to finalize the ceremony and reception designs (all elements) including my bo-k and flowers for the wedding party.

    Next Saturday I go with my BMs to try on and hopefully decide on a dress.

    Next month I want to meet with my caterer and choose my baker. 

    Oh and we hope to pick our officiant and se tup premarital counseling as need be.

    I have my STDS but have yet to send out any.  I am quite behind on this task. 

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  • So far we have our venues, catering, photographer, dj, and day of coordinator booked. We know what videographer we want to use, just waiting for a contract from her. This month I want to order a cake and work on our registries. And most of our STDs are out but my fiance has been soooooooo slooooow getting me addresses for people on his side! grrrr...... I'm trying to stay far ahead. Does anyone else have a fear of getting stuck with alot to do at the last minute?
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    The main thing right now is that we don't have an officiant yet. :P I want to talk to one of the chaplains at work to ask if he will do it, but I keep missing him and I'd honestly rather do it in person than over the phone. And it's chapping my hide because one person in this to-be-wed couple has taken care of the caterer, photographer, baker, florist, dj, bought her dress & all accessories, made his suit appointment, booked flights & hotels for honeymoon, put up a wedding website, and stationery (including addressing those STDs) and the other person in this to-be-wed couple has not really done anything since we signed the venue contract in November apart from coming to a few meetings and giving general feedback. And *that* is the person who is getting antsy about the chaplain. O_o Not like I'm slacking on this event, buster. I know we need an officiant. We also need some other stuff, and I'm takin' care of business.
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  • We've been done all the big stuff for a long time so I'm pretty much in the same position I was a couple months ago but with more DIY projects completed lol
    Once May hits, it's going to get BUSY with showers and photos and cottage and all that jazz, so I really want to get the DIY stuff DONE by then. I'm sailing along pretty well so I'm pretty confident that I'll be successful ;)
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  • I'm way behind. Actually I am going backward. I lost my ceremony site because the people stopped communicating with me. I have to wait till this weekend to hear if another place nearby will do it (the owners are out of town). I don't have an officiant because he will not call us back either. My girls don't have dresses because they are procrastinating/too busy. I bought the stuff to make a centerpiece mock up, but havent put it together yet. The GMs havent even gotten together at all because they are too busy.

    But I did look at cakes and buy some decor stuff last weekend. Probably won't get anything done this weekend, since my time is so limited I have to choose either I get out of the house and do stuff or I clean the house.
  • Wow you all have been so productive!  We just finished registering but I probably wont post any of that information on my website for awhile.  I also booked my hair trial for August and I'm hoping to do my makeup trial on the same day earlier in the day.  My salon suggested waiting until a month out to do the trial so I don't forget, etc.  Plus, by then I should have my complete day of outfit so I can run home and try it on afterwards :)  
  • I am meeting with the coordinator at our venue tonight! I am excited because I feel like after this I can really start moving forward with planning. I didn't want to buy decorative stuff until I knew exactly how many tables we'd have and stuff like that.

    The other thing I want to move forward with is ordering our invitations. I already confirmed that our start time made sense to the venue so I have no reason not to contact the artist.

    The only thing I am behind on based on my own timeline is drafting the ceremony. It doesn't need to be done soon but it seemed like something that could easily be done months out. 
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  • Getting a DJ. We NEED to book a DJ. But the thought of dropping $1200+ for one makes me feel queasy 
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  • I have everything booked. I am a little behind on paying some of my vendors, but I got behind because of my illness. I am trying to catch up. I need to get going on the DYI and putting together the small details....
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  • harpsdesireharpsdesire member
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    Wow, I didn't realize that I should also be doing BM dresses and flowers at this stage!
     Better get on that!

    I haven't started my DIY yet either although I don't think there will be an enormous amount aside from (edible) favors which need to be done closer to the date.
  • Tuxes, hair, makeup, and invites are the next to tackle.  Then when its nice out again the votives.
  • I have the big stuff done.  We have:

    A DJ
    The cake is included in my package with my venue, as well as food
    STD were sent out over a month ago
    my dress is purchased and will arrive in June

    I need:

    an officiant
    ceremony musician
    flowers (I may do DIY for this)
    decide about my hair
    get a veil, jewelry
    wedding bands
  • We have just about everything that we can have done at this point, done. 

    We have:
    Church & Officiant
    BM's Dresses ordered and will arrive in May
    Mother's Dresses
    Tuxes are picked out
    Invitations ordered
    STD sent out in Jan.
    First alterations appointment made
    Shoes arrived yesterday
    Honeymoon booked and airline tickets purchased

    We still need to:
    Pick out the wedding bands
    Setup hair and makeup
    Pick out my veil and jewelry
    Complete the registry
    Figure out our excursions for the honeymoon
    Meet with the minister and figure out the ceremony details
    Order the decorative items for the ceremony and reception
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  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_september-2012-weddings_whats-your-next-planning-step-are-you-behind-on-anything?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding%20Club%20BoardsForum:a464c18c-2e4d-469b-8eae-3865079cb9cfDiscussion:4555a62f-af24-4bf9-9dd3-6cf85c180d5aPost:88cffbf2-5b8f-476d-bc51-b78c6fa40d6a">Re: What's your next Planning Step? Are you behind on anything?</a>:
    [QUOTE]Getting a DJ. We NEED to book a DJ. But the thought of dropping $1200+ for one makes me feel queasy 
    Posted by josephwedding[/QUOTE]
    have you tried the pros yet there dj company is great!
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