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Inexpensive (reasonable) Reception Venue???

We chose a beautiful ceremony in Palos Verdes that destroyed our original budget.  My fiance is from LA, but we live out of state now and are having trouble finding a reception venue that we can now afford.  Any ideas?  We're looking at around 100 guests or less and are open to anything!

Re: Inexpensive (reasonable) Reception Venue???

  • TeamCCTeamCC member
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    Try Occasions in El Segundo. It's small, very pretty. If we didn't have 130 for our wedding, I think we might have chosen this place.
  • Mellie35Mellie35 member
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    What is a reasonable budget? That means something different to everyone.
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    less than 3K for the reception.  We are only expecting about 60-70 guests to attend our "destination" wedding. 
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    anyone seen the botanical gardens in Palos Verdes or Betty H. Rackas Cultural Center in Long Beach???
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