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what do you think is too cold?

I know that the weather is still unpredictable a week out, but I've been keeping an eye on it anyway.  I'm really hoping to have an outdoor ceremony and was wondering what you ladies thought would be too cold to sit outside, requiring me to move it indoors?  The ceremony is at 1:30 p.m. so if the sun is out, it should be in the high mark of the day.  Any thoughts?

Re: what do you think is too cold?

  • I would say that 50-55 would be my limit. If your guests are from the area they would know to bring something to keep warm. You should be fine. You are right, it's during the peak of the afternooon, it's likely to be sunny.
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  • For me, anything in the 50's might be a little too cold; therefore, I'd cap it at 60. If your girls are bare shouldered in 60+ degree weather, they are going to be chilly. So maybe think about a heavy wrap. Still, everyone is different, I've seen outdoor weddings with snow on the ground and they were lovely.  
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  • I would cap at 55 or 60 degrees.  You are right that 1:30 is the peak of the temperature and if the sun if out, it will feel a little warmer.  I went to a late October wedding a few years ago.  The ceremony was outside, on the water.  It was a 6:00 ceremony and the sun had set.  It was about 45 degrees and very uncomfortable.  They had everyone get seated and then didn't begin for at least 15 minutes.  I couldn't warm up for the remainder of the night and couldn't fully enjoy myself because I had a chill.
  • I'm having an outdoor ceremony on the 27th.  I wrote this on my website and advised guests to dress accordingly.  It will be a brief ceremony.  I think in the 50s is fine for guests if they know to bring a jacket. 
  • I made sure everyone was well aware that the reception was going to be outdoors no matter the weather (we'll move to a covered pavilion in case of rain but it's still open-sided). Being that all our guests are from the Great Lakes area, I figure they're smart enough to dress appropriately. Right now the forecast is calling for a high of 60 and I expect to be freezing (I get cold VERY easily - I have a jacket on if it's under 72) but I'll get over it.
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