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Phoenixville Foundry Wedding - Caterers and Hotel Accommodations

Looking to see if anyone has insight or advice on choosing a caterer or hotel for a Phoenixville Foundry wedding... 

Caterers - Looking to keep the price/head down, but also don't want to do totally bare bones. Any thoughts? 

Hotel - We are expecting to have about 40 rooms worth of guests. It seems hotels either have crappy shuttles options or don't include breakfast. Anyone know how to get the best of both worlds? Is it rude to not have a shuttle or to offer a hotel without breakfast included?

Re: Phoenixville Foundry Wedding - Caterers and Hotel Accommodations

  • I dont have any info on caterers but you can get a school bus shuttle for a reasonable price (we're using yellowbird bus company).  I think if you're going to have an open bar, you should have a shuttle.  I coudlnt imagine someone getting a dui or something from my wedding you know?
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  • Robert Ryan Caterers are fantastic and compared to other caterers in this area - very affordable.  The only hotel I know about in Phoenixville is the Marriott in Collegeville up the road but I know nothing about shuttles.  Shearer Elegance - a B&B in Limerick - is another option for brides who want to rent out all seven rooms for their guests. Less expensive than local hotels.  There is also a Holiday Inn Express in Limerick too.
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