Help... I need a Venue!

 Ok, so I am new to the knot. It seems like the discussion board is very helpful! But I have been searching for a venue for 2 weeks straight now. I have literally been to about ten, and only one has made me see "Wow." Unfortunately, the price made me say wow : ( too. The venue was 1,000, but the minimum for food was $16, 500. There is no way I am paying that much for food. I have a honeymoon to go on and a home to purchase. So, with that being said, my budget is 8000 including food. If anyone knows a venue (with water if possible), please let me know!

Thank you so much!

Re: Help... I need a Venue!

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    You have a PM (Private Message), Look along the left tab under Community Links/Update profile.
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    I am also in search for my venue and cannot find any that is not crazy priced any help please!!!! I want something that can be used until the wee hours, (we have party animals LOL)
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    What area would you like to be in? You have a plethora in the metro area. I started out getting married locally and am now getting married on the West Coast of Florida but I can help you out with the venues I started working with in Atlanta.
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    Yes, we need some serious narrowing down in order to help you... here is some guidence...

    What part of town (north, south, midtown, buckhead?)
    How many people max?
    Do they all need to fit in one space -- or are several different rooms okay?
    What do you not like/like about the places you've already seen?
    Which one made you say "wow"? (maybe one of us knows of a place that has similar characteristics)
    And which places are sure fire "no's"??

    I promise to help you if you answer a few of those!
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    im using The James Madison Inn in Madison, GA and they were affordable and i used Beyond Deatails Catering and Floral desig. They are SOOOO affordable i about cried!!!
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    I was in your shoes about this time last year!

    I HIGHLY recommend finding a place that well let you bring in your own vendors. We saved thousands by doing so... but, it was a much larger project to take on than if we had gone with an all inclusive venue. Although it took a ton more of our time, we were able to personalize every detail of our special day. It was truly perfect!

    Our church is right in midtown, so we only looked at in-town venues. Here is what we found that allowed outside vendors:

    The Trolley Barn
    The Freight Room
    The Atlanta Women's Club: Wimbish Mansion

    We ended up deciding on Callawolde Fine Arts Center :)

    Good luck!
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    Thank you all very much! I have not heard of The Freight Room nor The Madison Inn, so I will take a look at those online today! 
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    We opted for Park Tavern, but chose a Friday instead of a Saturday.  We didn't find any other venues that we absolutely loved, so we chose a Friday in order to afford it.  The rental fee is only $1,500, and the food/drink minimum is $4,000.  We're really excited about it!!
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    I am also looking for a venue! I will have a lot of people coming to Georgia for my wedding. Our families and friends live in a different state, so we are looking for a big place close to hotels so everyone has somewhere to stay after a late PARTY!

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