Where to register for a Maine bridge

I am torn.

I would love to register for Crate & Barrel but there is not a store in Maine. The nearest is Massachusetts. The outlet in Kittery, however, does not have the registry.

So should I go with Macy's? We've already done Bed, Bath & Beyond? 

Everyone on the registry site says C&B. But they don't get Maine. :-)

Re: Where to register for a Maine bridge

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    I registered at both C&B and Macy's. There are pros for both. I absolutely LOVE C&B's stuff. Macy's has a great selection too, though defintiely different styles. I liked registering for my formal china at Macy's (also electronic appliances are a better price and go on sale more at Macy's), but I liked the casual dinnerware and stemware at C&B. Are you against registering at both? 

    My theory is: if you love C&B, you should just register and people will probably order online and have it shipped, no problem. Also, I think you should register at Macy's because they have an amazing rewards program - basically if you have a macy's card, you get 5% back of ALL the purchases made on your registry in the form of a Macy's gift card. I think it's worth registering at both, personally. 

    I hope it helps you even just a little bit. :) PM me if you want more info about either. 
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    I registered at Crate & Barrl and Kohls
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    i  registered at Khols, Target and pampered chef

    i wanted everyone to be able to have choices and to be able to go to a store to buy a gift if they wanted
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    Initially, we registered at Bed Bath & Beyond and Target.  Then, after a lengthy conversation with my mom about the fact that neither of those stores existed where 8-10 of my guests live, and that most of them don't do online shopping, I added JC Penney, which is local for them.  I know it's a small number, but my mom and gram are in that same area, so I did it to make her happy.
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    My FI and I already have houses with all the necessary items so I found Macy's to be a waste of time.   We spent 2 hours there and only found 18 items we needed/wanted and they weren't even our first choice.  We are going to do BB&Y also and then create our own using the Registry 360 tool.  There we can do places such as LL Bean for camping gear and stuff.

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    We're registered at Macys & Kohls. I love the food network & martha stewart collections so it works out well for me :)
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