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my mind is set on the oheka castle please help!!!

i'm planning a wedding for July, 20, 2013 upon my research; since coming across oheka castle i don't want to see any other venues. i discussed this with my fiance he loves it as well. i'm waiting on someone to get back to me so i can make an appt to visit the premises and get quotes. upon research no one states what they paid in full. i'm aware its pricey, but the place is just beautiful. i'm trying not to be close minded but i'm not interested in anywhere else. would anyone have a recent price quote from them and/or any other info? my mind is set on the oheka castle. i'm yet to see anywhere else that measures up to this place. i'm beyond stressed. if anyone has info please let me know. *i apologize for punctuation, but i'm typing this from my cell phone*

Re: my mind is set on the oheka castle please help!!!

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    I believe they charge a site rental fee in the neighborhood of $10,000 in addition to the per-head pricing.  I believe it's around $400 per person on a Saturday night during a peak seasons.

    In short: It's quite expensive, but I'm sure it's stunning, and I hope you'll be able to end up there.
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    thanks kreskin79  me too!!! 
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    I had a venue book that said $200-500 a person.... Good luck!
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    i answered you on the receptions board.


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    Also keep in mind that for the initial charge per person, you dont get a huge food selection...  that is all an upgrade....
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