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Hey ladies!

Ive been gone on vacation, so I just wanted to say congrats to all the newly married ladies, welcome to the newbies (im stil new too) and tell you all to stay away from Now Jade in Riviera Maya, Cancun.  

It was absolutely the worst vacation, EVER.   Aside from the drinking water, all water was yellow.  We were sick for 2 days, and developed a weird rash on our skin.  Unless you orders something frozen, the drinks are warm.  With the exception of 1 restaurant (out of 6), room service was the best food.   The AC in our room was broken, and got as cold as 81*   When we complained maintenance told us we werent setting it right.   It took 3 days for them to finally LOOK at the AC and on our last night there, after having someone crawl around in the ceiling, we miraculously had AC.  But we were setting it wrong.   *eyeroll*   The sink fell out of the vanity.  Yup, fell out.  and hung there.  For 2 days.   They told us they couldnt fix it becuse the smell would be too strong.    On our first day, I had my beach bag at the pool, next to my lounge chair.   I left my bag, and we walked out to the beach to check the temperature of the ocean.  When we returned they had just finished hosing down the patio.  And my bag, soaking my camera, which is now destroyed.   FI secretly planned a romantic beach dinner for my birthday, and not only was it in another hotel suite (not the beach), we received a menu that was totally opposite of the menu he chose for this. 

After all of this, they took off the cost of the dinner.  Wouldnt even put us in a working room.   What a disaster.    Thank goodness our objective was to just be together, and we made the best out of it, and have a lot of things to laugh about now, but ladies, PLEASE....dont have your wedding or honeymoon here.   I would hate anything that important to be compromised because of a crappy resort. 

And now, back to work, and back to wedding planning!!!

Re: Hey ladies!

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