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I'm having my wedding in Kauai and wanna have the welcome bags waiting for the guests upon their arrival. But some of the guests get there before I do and some I'm meeting at the connecting flight in Oahu. So how am I supposed to pull this off?

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    We're doing a welcome to the island BBQ.  We'll pass out all bags at that time.  I also wanted to do it in their rooms, but I think it'd be really difficult logistically because all of our guests are at different resorts, and flying in on different days.

    I'm getting married July in Poipu.  The ceremony is at the Sheraton and the reception is at Plantation Gardens.  Where are you doing yours?
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    We just handed ours out as people got there, some to their hotels, others to them in person.  It was hard as so many of our guests booked private condos in hotels through the private owner, and the hotel part had no record of their stay as they weren't booked with the hotel.  Some arrived before us and some were on our flight too.  We just got them to everyone as soon as we could

  • We are planning to get them to everyone as soon as possible as well since everyone is staying somewhere different.
  • We are also doing what flash is doing--hosting a welcome BBQ and handing out the welcome bags then. We expect guests to arrive either Saturday or Sunday, host the welcome BBQ on Monday, Wedding on Wednesday, with most guests leaving Friday or Saturday.
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    We left them at the front desk of our group hotel. 75 of or guests stayed there. For everyone else, we passed them out during our welcome cocktail reception.
  • Thank you everyone!!  I feel much better now.  I guess you can only do what you can.
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