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In a pinch...

Our wedding is scheduled for November 2nd.  We have narrowed it down to two venues that we are trying to get the best deal out of.  Because it is a Friday, we are doing an evening ceremony.  Sunset will be around 6pm, and my fiance is adamant against doing a First Look, so we will do the ceremony around 5pm to allow for pictures around sunset without it getting dark.  (We have discussed the time frame with those involved and it is only 2 couples who are more than willing to take a few hours off work to attend on time). 

We are running into catering costs being much higher than we were thinking that they should.  I heard of someone doing a "chick fil a" reception, which I thought would be good as we both love chick fil a (no vegetarians are involved).  But I am not sure how to do that?  My other idea was to go with chick fil a chicken and fruit trays for cocktail hour and then go with panera soup and make a salad and serve with bread for the meal.  I'm worried that it is not going to be enough food.  Soup and salad are more than enough to fill myself and most of my friends, but I am worried about the males who will be involved.  Any ideas of something a little extra we can use to supplement?

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  • Have you looked into any BBQ options? Those tend to be the cheapest options, and it's always plenty of food.
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    Honestly if I went to a wedding and they only had soup and salad for dinner I would be pissed.  What you have listed is no where close to enough food to satisfy your guests.  Also, what if some guests aren't fans of many soups (like me I like only chicken noodle, chicken enchilada, and tomato soup).

    I think PP has a great idea with the BBQ options.

    Also, have you considered talking with local restaurants to cater your wedding over actual catering companies...this could be a possible cheaper option.

  • if you didn't do a full meal, you should consider changing your wedding/reception time as well. I've read a lot of posts that say that if your reception or wedding is around a meal time, people will expect a full meal. just something to think about :)
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    [QUOTE]Have you looked into any BBQ options? Those tend to be the cheapest options, and it's always plenty of food.
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    I am not a fan of BBQ, so that is not an option.
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    Pasta is another low cost option to feed a crowd on a budget.  Your ceremony and reception are at a meal time, you need to serve a full meal, especially if people are coming from work.
  • That is just not enough food for an evening reception.  You need to feed these people enough food to equal a full meal.
  • You need more food.  I see you're in DC...have you had Noodles & Co (I eat their Japanese Pan Noodles way too much now that we moved down here)?  Last time I was there, I saw that they make family size platters.  You could get some veggies and dip, fruit, and cheese from Costco for appetizers (and maybe some frozen apps--Costco and Trader Joe's have lots of options), and then get trays of food from a restaurant for the meal, and add things like salad and soup.

  • Have you considered ordering pasta, salad, bread etc. from an Italian place's catering menu? I agree that soup won't cut it at meal time, but pasta would. It's one of the most affordable options out there too.
  • Perhaps you could change your options for cocktail hour and then use Chick Fil A as your full meal. They have plenty of serving options, and I think your guests would enjoy the food.  

    My fiance and I don't drink, nor do most of our family and friends, so no cocktail hour. However, my fiance's major input has been on food. He doesn't like finger foods, nor appitizers. He wants a full meal that will leave no one feeling hungry. From where ?? KFC !! Its his weddng, too, so, why not ?? We have a full buffet set, with extra food for seconds, plus an extra 15 pounds of chicken tenders. We'll be feeding 40 to 50 guests.

    I feel that with the amount of food, the wedding cake, and five old fashioned cakes, no one should go home hungry.

    The main thing is to choose food that both you and your guests will enjoy. Ask your close friends what they think. And then, folow your intincts.

    Good Luck.

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