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Gifts mailed to our house

This may sound like a stupid question... but I am going to ask anyway.  Ok so obviously our shower is right around the corner.  We have been receiving gifts in the mail.  My fiance and I live in a 748 sq ft condo.... pretty small.  Anywho... If we get alot of gifts mailed to us (and from the shower) we won't be able to walk around at home.  lol

My question I guess is... is it bad etiquette (or even a bad idea in general) to open the gifts and use them once we get them.  Especially if its coming from our registry.  I kinda want to hold out in case we get 2 of something but I guess that really doesn't matter cause I could just return the duplicate.  I have been keeping a running list of the gifts we receive on the Knot.  But anywho... let me know what you think.

Sorry if this sounded like a ramble.. I hope it made sense.  lol

Re: Gifts mailed to our house

  • If you use a gift before the wedding it's at your own risk.  Technically you're supposed to open, inspect for damage and write the TY note immediately.

    Your'e not to use any pre-wedding gift until you're married.  If the wedding were to not take place you'd have to return all gifts in original condition.  That means that you'd have to buy new gifts to replace the ones you were given.
  • Thanks guys.  yeah I figured that was the case.  I just wanted to see what you all thought about it.

    Thanks again!
  • Chrissy81981, thank you for asking that question.  I was wondering the same thing.
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