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My sister is new to the Omaha area any recently engaged!   She is looking for a Chruch (catholic) to get married in.  Does anyone have any good suggestions of one who will work with her?  She is not a member yet because she is new to the area, but intrested in becoming one.  She is also VERY interested in a small quaint church in the country.   Suggestions for that?  Thanks! 

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    I think most of the churches in the area want/prefer you be a member of the parish (I believe St Gerald's requires 1 year membership to the parish before they'll marry you there) - but I'm just starting the process of booking the church myself. 

    Depending on where she is in Omaha, there are beautiful churches across the entire city.  I can give some feedback on the churches in West Omaha:  I live in St. Stephen's parish but belong to St. Charles Borromeo (less crowded, and in the process of building a new parish center), have gone to St. Leo (love Father Harry) and St. Vincent DePaul (beautiful church!)

    I'd recommend joining a parish immediately so she can get a date set!
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