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Iowa-Des Moines

Deposit sent to the photographer, Now...

I just need help finding a good caterer in the Ames/Story City area. I would like to have a buffet style reception(Most everyone in his and my family would prefer that) or they will because that's what I am doing. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am not a big fan of Hickory Park so, that isn't going to work.

Re: Deposit sent to the photographer, Now...

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    I'm using Gateway Market - it's the same people that own centro, south union bread, and django as well as run the temple for performing arts. I believe they will travel and their prices were the best we found. also they have been VERY helpful and professional. 

    I work with a gal named Stacy. 

    Good Luck!
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    Depending on your budget and the style of food you want, places like Lucalan's, Ge Angelo's, Old Main, The Cafe, Hyvee has a decent selection, and someone I work with said their cousin used Fazoil's and was able to feed their guests for around $5/person. Hope this helps!
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    We used Gateway Market, with Stacy too. Our food was amazing! The wedding was at 7:00, so we did an hor' dourve and dessert buffet type thing. We had people from Gateway there, refilling and all that, they also boxed all of the left overs up for us to take home. Which alot of places don't.

    I went to a wedding this year that used Palmers deli. They had salad, bruchetta, 2 different kinds of pasta...it was really good too. And I know it didn't cost them a fortune. I don't know if there is one in Ames, but it's another idea.
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    Our wedding is in Ames and we're thinking of using HyVee. They have very reasonable prices and great sounding food!

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    Check out Lidderdale Country Store. Small place over near Carroll, but they travel anywhere. I have heard phenomenol things about the food and the price is awesome with a large variety on their basic buffet.  A friend used them for a low budget wedding last year and had great success.   www.lidderdalecountrystore.com
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