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Rhode Island

South County hotels

I have looking through the boards, and I might have missed it...but I didn't see this answered elsewhere.

I am looking at a wedding in October/November of 2012

So....hotels.  While I think some offseason B&Bs are the nicest option, I think for the purpose of the wedding, an the crowd, a more typical hotel is best.

Does anyone know if The Hampton Inn has a wedding rate discount?  Fee to block?  A bar or lounge for a possible after party?  Or a conference room for a rehearsal? 

What about Holiday Inn, SK?

I am planning out of state so I'd like to have an idea ofthings before I call the places.  It just makes me feel better...I feel like I can be so easily suckered from way far away. Irrational, maybe, but it's true.

Re: South County hotels

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    I live in South County and Hamptin Inn and Holidy Inn are your standard hotels that would be in any town. Per my own experience hotels don't charge to block rooms but if you dont fill the rooms you blocked off with guests you are responsible for paying for the empty rooms. So I would just tell your friends/family to book early if you dont have commitments from them to book rooms.

    Since your looking for the fall I would check our Newport, you can get some reasonable off-season rates. I love the Newport Harbor Hotel. The rooms are much better than what you would get at a Holiday Inn, I believe the parking is free that time of year so you park for free and explore Newport. There are alot of great casual restaurants as well where you could have a rehearsal dinner.

    Let me know if you need are more advice on the area!

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    We booked at a different Hampton Inn near our venue and they were great. They will give you a room block rate that is a discount off the regular rate and they do not charge you to set this up. It was a good rate, but some of my family and friends got a better rate through their own discounts (military, government, work, etc.) There was no bar/lounge at ours but you can check the Web site for each one to check amenities. There was a great, free breakfast each day, which our guests raved about, and 24-hour coffee and tea service in the lobby. I think they had cookies, too! Ours did have conference rooms and such that you could rent. Also, they give you a room manager thing online so you can check to see how many have booked in your block for purposes of welcome bags, nagging family and bridal party (haha) and such.

    If I were booking in South County (we almost chose a venue in Narragansett, so I had looked into both) I'd definitely do the Hampton Inn over the Holiday Inn; it's much newer and it's a little closer, too. Plus, like I said, we had a great experience at Hampton Inn.
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    Since we're getting married at the Village Inn, we ended up doing our block there. Online reviews will say that the rooms are run down, but I know that most of the rooms have been renovated in the past six months and are quite nice. They charge a fee for blocking rooms, but they do not charge you for rooms that aren't booked. Rooms are released from the block one month prior to your event date. I can say that Annie (the reservations manager) has been fantastic, and we were really surprised with the variety of rooms available.

    We looked into the South County Hampton Inn. They do not charge a blocking fee and to my knowledge, they do not charge you for rooms that aren't booked. However, the rooms were a bit more expensive than the VInn rooms. They don't have a bar/restaurant, although there are several restaurants in the South County Commons now.

    The Holiday Inn in SK is the most expensive of the three and the rooms are not so great. They do have an Italian restaurant/bar.
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    I would also second looking into hotels in Newport. They will be much cheaper at that time of year. It's worth at least alerting your guests to the option.
  • wyneywyney member
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    Thanks everyone!

    I really did not think of Newport for hotels.  I don't have a lot of guests coming up that are 'just' guests.  I still might have it not in RI, but RI is our "neutral" territory (we went to URI). 

    I think I'll tell guests about Newport hotels, if they wish.  I'm thinking after-party though.  The part of my wedding I am most looking forward to is hotel/bar/restaurant/ after party with my friends I haven't seen in forever.  However they mostly live nearby, and won't splurge on a room, and will be trying to sober up and not be down to hang out :-(

    I'm hoping by keeping the hotel nearby they might stay an extra hour
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    What venues are you looking at in South County?

    We are getitng married at the Towers and doing an "after party" at the Coast Guard. My brother is actually "organizing" this-- nto that it takes much organization to walk across teh street. But since its summer and crowded there he is just going to call before a few days and make sure we won't have a problem and no one has to wait in any kind of line to get in, and leave probably a small amount of money to cover the first round of drinks for anyone there.

    We are staying likely at the Ocean Rose. I am doing room blocks at the Hampton inn.
    Not sure when you graduated URI but its new since I graduated (or it was just built) and the South county commons is really built up. I think thats really convenient for guests-- because there is a Brewed awakenings coffee shop, a hair dresser, a bank, anail place, an applebees, etc. in them in there to make it easier to get ready.
    There is also our fav. restaurant near our house (trattoria) opened Tratoria South.
    I would call to see how late they are open- but that's a nicer restaurant (entrees are like 18-25 bucks) and they have a private room-- so it might be good for a rehearsel- and also, you could go to the bar there after if you like.

    We aren't planning on doing a block at hte Village Inn because I have my own personal demons with them- and also because they charge an I think the Hampton Rooms are much cleaner/nicer/newer-- but it is REALLY convenient for our guests so its on the "suggested" hotel spots.

    If you are getting married elsewhere in South County let me know- since I went to URI and have a SUPER long engagement I've done soo much research
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    Just to throw some more information in the mix...

    The Hampton Inn only offered us one type of room (two double beds) for a higher price than the VInn. We have a good number of couples who would prefer queen or king beds, which we were not available to us in a Hampton Inn block.
  • wyneywyney member
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    Thanks!  I've stayed at V-Inn once before and had no issues with it. 

    I wish the hampton inn was open earlier, when I went to URI... my mom hated the holiday inn just because she couldn't figure out the intersection by the gas station  haha

    I was thinking of maybe getting takeout from applebees at one point and leaving the fancier people at coastguard house
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