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Day Light Savings Time = Night Time wedding shots

So i knew that our wedding was going to be after we switched the clocks back and I was originally ok with this.

But now that I actually see how dark it is at 5:30-6:00pm Im a little nervous. Im ok with it being a little darker at the ceremony, because I wanted the area to kind of sparkle with candlelights. However, now that Im thinking about it, all of our photos are going to be dark.

I dont want to take photos before the ceremony because I dont want my fiance to see me before I walk down the aisle.

Any suggestions?

Re: Day Light Savings Time = Night Time wedding shots

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    can you move the ceremont an hour earlier? im guessing you are doing outdoor shots..

    but ive been to alot of nighttime weddings and the outdoor photos come out great and if ur photographer is good it shouldnt be a problem...i would talk to them see if they have any ideas about lighting...
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    I'm on the same boat.  Our wedding is taking place outside and we're going to be in the dark.  I can't move mine up anymore because it's a friday.  But I'm just going to put the whole thing in God's hands and see what happens.
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    I agree with Evelyn. If you have a good photographer you have nothing to worry about. You will probably still have a few daylight pics of when your getting ready and walking into the ceremony. But Ive seen night time wedding pics and they look just fine with a great photog.
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    I agree with pp.. If you have a great photographer they will work it out. I would try and do a lot of the photos before the ceremony and then mainly do you and him/ all together family shots after that way you can maximize the time you have with the light. 
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    Like the girls said, as long as you have a good photog. it shouldn't matter if it's night, day, raining, snowing, foggy, etc. Lol. You shouldn't worry.
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    Don't worry! Again, a good photographer will take care of this.

    We are on the same boat and I also wanted daylight pics of the both of us but did want want to do the "first look" before the ceremony therefore we booked an additional session with our photog for AFTER we come back from the honeymoon so we can take the day shoots.

    HTH! :)
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