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New Hampshire

Alvirne Chapel

Has anyone dealt with the caretaker at the Alvirne Chapel in Hudson, NH and if so, did you have a hard time getting a contract from her?

I booked my September ceremony with her and she told me she would e-mail the contract to me. I've talked to her 5 times this month and each time she said she would send the contract... I have yet to see it. I asked my fiance to call her today hoping he would have better luck. He told her we are considering looking for another place to get married because she hasn't followed through. She said not to worry, she would e-mail it to me today. Of course I haven't received it. She insists that our date is on her calendar, but I won't feel comfortable until the contract is signed. We love the atmosphere of the chapel and really don't to get married in a church. Does anyone have any suggestions, or does anyone know of any other chapels in the Hudson/Nashua area?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Alvirne Chapel

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    I've been having the same issues with Mary-Ellen. My Fiance and I had looked at the Chapel in November but couldn't reserve the chapel for june '11 until January. Come January I e-mailed her but had a hard time getting in touch with her. I e-mailed her the other night saying I hadn't received my contract yet, a week after I was promised it. I did receive it that night (Wednesday). I was considering looking elsewhere but I had my heart set on the chapel. I would just keep checking in with her and reminding her to send it to you. 
    I hope you get your contract soon. 

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    Thanks for your quick response to my post. I'm so frustrated with her. I feel like if it's not in writing it's not definite. I don't want to just take her word for it. A word of advice, call her the day before or the day of your rehersal to confirm with her. She forgot about my friend's rehersal! When everyone got there the door was locked and the JP wasn't even there. Looks like we have our hands full with this one!

    My friend was married there in November and it was the first time I had been there (oddly enough, I went to Alvirn High School!). At the time we weren't engaged, but when we did get engaged a few weeks later we knew we wanted to get married there. We're only inviting 65 people to the wedding and we feel it's the perfect size and atmosphere. I have my heart set on it as well and can't find any other chapels like it in the area. Can you give me her e-mail address? I've been dealing with her over the phone only.

    Thanks again for your help :)

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    My brother was married there years ago and I've heard nothing but good things about the Chaple from many brides here.  Hopefully, they were just having an off month.
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    I'm getting married there in July and so far I've had pretty good luck with her.  I did email her and she did take a few days to respond.  Other than that I haven't had much trouble at all.  I hope it all works out for you!
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    Searles Castle in Windham kind of have a similiar look/feel to it. Just a suggestion. But Alvirne's really pretty. Good luck!
  • i had no problem reaching mary ellen by phone, i set the appointment to meet with her with my fiance we loved the chapel, and i took her card, her email is [email protected]  our wedding is in november and i am praying everything goes smoothly. i will have to send her an email and make sure everything is good, but if you reach her by email, she will respond with your contract. she did that with ours. and we booked our november wedding in march. i will have to make sure i have all our dates and times set in stone...
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