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Ceremony musician for short beach wedding-under $250

Sorry to be reptitious but does anyone have ideas on a ceremony musician for my beach ceremony that charges $250 or less.  My ceremony is going to be 20 minutes at most so we will need this musician for no more than an hour.  Some of these musicians are charging as much as my DJ!!  Thanks in advance.


Re: Ceremony musician for short beach wedding-under $250

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    Look into Jefferey Clayton from Panneubean Steel - he is a steel pan musician which I think is so nice on the beach.  We had him for 2 hours and had him do cocktail hour as well.  He is a friend of ours so he didn't charge us his typical rate, but he is great to work with.  Our ceremony music was beautiful!
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    I couldn't find anyone cheaper than that. But, according to the New England Conservatory website, the average rate is about $125 per musician, per hour, plus travel time if they aren't local. I don't think I found anyone that cheap but that's what the website said.

    What I found was people already on the Cape were really pricey, and people who travelled to the Cape from Boston had to charge for travel. Sorry can't help more.

    Also, try
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    I am using this Harpist and she is around that price, maybe a little more for outside. She is located on the cape. Try googling her.

    Katie Lynch Koglin
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    Thanks Jeanne.  I actually spoke to her a few months back.  She doesnt do beach ceremonies.  But thank you! 
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    I used Chris Park.  He played the guitar for our beach ceremony and was excellent.  I had requested a certain song for our processional that he did not know, he went and learned it for us, sent me audio clips of it before hand to make sure it was to my liking!  His email is [email protected]
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