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Sexy bridal shower?

My sister is the MOH in a close friends wedding this summer. She is planning the shower and bachlorette party and the bride requested a sexy bridal shower.  We are having a hard time thinking of ideas and wording for invitations for a "sexy" bridal shower.  We have the bachlorette party down!  Wink 

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
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Re: Sexy bridal shower?

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    I hope all of her guests are prepared for something like this! I think in planning a "sexy" shower, you need to be sensitive to those who might find it... shocking.

    I would suggest aiming for "flirty" vs. sexy. If you google "pin up shower invitations," you'll see what I mean. In fact, a "50's pin-up" theme might just make it more broadly appealing.  I guess I'm just thinking about my own experience, and how scandalized my grandmothers, FMIL, mother, aunts, etc. would be if they attended a "sexy" shower.
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    I completely agree! The bride is ADAMENT about it being "sexy", but my sister and I (and everyone else that we have talked to) think it is just a little odd and awkward to plan. We are trying to step back from our thoughts and preceptions of it all, and give the bride what she wants without making all the guest feel uncomfortable.

    I like the idea of the pin-up theme. We also thought of doing animal print decor and low lighting, but she says she isn't "an animal print" type of girl...getting a little frustrating... Wink
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    Pin Up would be a great idea, I don’t think anyone would be insulted by that.

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    Is this along the same lines as a lingerie shower?
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    Another vote for the pin-up theme. 

    Also, to help reinforce the 'sexy' without having to say it outright, stop by your local Victoria's Secret for their bridal shower cards.  It's an enclosure card that goes in with your invite, and lists the bride's bra & panty sizes. My sisters works at VS, and says it's quite common.
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    also google images of brown bag party invitations......I do bach parties and out company has tons of homemade type pin up invites

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