anyone getting married or known anyone married at the indy zoo?

we are getting married in his grandmas backyard....parking in very limited, will have to hire someone to shuttle people and then he wants to have an after party (after the reception) downtown indy (which is about an hour to hour & a half) from grandmas house......question seems like it would be so much easier to just have it at the zoo....sure, more expensive but that would take the hassel away of parking, renting tents/chairs, etc. should i even mention it to him?

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    I don't reccomend having your reception an hour and half away from your ceremony.  That is going to be very inconvenient for your guests.

    If you want to get married in his grandma's backyard I would find a place within 30 minutes to have the reception.

    If you want to get married and have your reception downtown there are lots of places to consider including the zoo, mavris, any of the hotels, union station, etc.
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    I agree! You will lose too many people along the way. Most just won't make the drive. Either have it in or around grandma's or move it downtown. There are some really neat place throughout Indianapolis if the zoo is too expensive. Is there a reason or special meaning as to why you are having it at grandma's?
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    When I interned for a wedding planner I worked a few weddings at the Indy zoo. I know that even if I were in the wedding party, I would not drive an hour and a half for an after party.

    At the zoo there are mutliple places to have a wedding and reception. The knot/wedding garden is beautiful for outdoor ceremony's, and one of the cooler receptions I worked wa sin the dolphin pavilion. Everything in one place sounds a lot easier to me.
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    And she's talking about an after party being an hour and a half away, not the reception from my understanding.
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    The zoo itself is super expensive...more so then you think...we were so lookng into doing it until we figured it be about 15,000 or so for everything and about 10,000 of that is for the zoo itself.
    I also suggest having the reception and ceremony all in the same place or somewhat close....
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    Are you serving alcohol at your reception?  If so, I wouldn't count on people drinking at the reception and then driving 1.5 hours to an after party.

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    We looked into the zoo and found it very reasonable in price compared to other sites in Indy. However we were not impressed with the actual areas you could have a reception at and the staff was very poor in answering questions etc. Needless to say we went with a different location.
    I would definitnley try to get your ceremony and reception closer together.
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