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I miss my Vegas Knotties!

I haven't been on here in a while since I am no longer planning our wedding in Vegas. We are now having a full blown LA bash with 200+ people in October.

Still kind of bummed that we won't be doing Vegas since all you girls were super helpful and I had planned some really exciting things for the weekend thanks to all of you.

Just wanted to stop by and say hello :o)

Re: I miss my Vegas Knotties!

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    Haha! knew you would miss us! Hope the plans are going good =)

    Msg. me on FB to fill me in....Venue? Wierdo Photog?
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    Yes I have missed you guys! I don't really like going on the other boards because the vibe isn't the same. So I've just been relying on friends and co-workers to give me advice and honest opinions. I've been meaning to msg you the last couple days to fill you in and ask you how everything is going. I promise I will do it tonight! LOL
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    I was wondering where you had gone! I hope your planning is going smoother with the change come and visit us :)
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