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So we are a little over a year out, but we want to cake taste because we would really like some fall flavors for our wedding and we know we have to taste soon.

Did you have to know the style of the cake you want when you cake taste? Also, how many people did you cake taste? We plan on contacting Enticing Cakes, Short north piece of cake, saucer cakes, and anita kline. I would probably be happy with just short north (we had them for my graduation cake and it was amaing) but we want to get the experience. 

Thanks :)

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    Enticing Icings is absolutely the best I tried. She's an incredible artist too.
    And, she's pretty inexpensive.
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    We only tried 2 places! I kind of just wanted to get it done and over with, but I should have gone to more because it's FREE CAKE! lol :) We went with The Goodie Shoppe in Upper Arlington. They are really inexpensive, and close to our venue. She asked me what I was thinking in regards to style and I had a picture to show her. She was really excited and willing to try it out. The other place we went to had more unique flavors, but she wasn't as personable. We felt rushed. I don't think you have to have your style set in stone at all... the people you meet with will probably even be able to help you envision your perfect cake :)
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    We only tried one - Anita Kline and we loved her so much, we booked her on the spot this past Monday!  If you email her, she will send you a list of the types of cakes and fillings she makes and you can let her know which ones you want to try.  I think we tried seven different kinds of cake and like eight different kinds of filling.  Her cakes are delicious and she is reasonably priced.  I would highly recommend you do a tasting with her. 
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    Good info about this - we're thinking about tasting cakes soon too.  Might be a stupid question but I know nothing about this - does the baker want you to put a deposit down during tasting or can you "taste around" then come back?  
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    mmmmmm I had dreams about my wedding cake from the tasting - not even joking!

    We ended up with three flavors to keep pretty much everyone happy.  Damn...now I want cake!

    Sadly with the wedding in Wisconsin I can't suggest my vendor but I DO love Short North Piece of Cake.

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    What is Anita Klines information thanks?
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    I'm using Anita too, she is great. You don't have to "design" your cake on the spot. I booked with her in February and just designed the cake two weeks ago for my 10/21 wedding.
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    I cannot rave about Anita Kline enough.  She is sweet, on the ball, inexpensive, and very talented.  In fact, she was the only cake vendor we tried.

    I was lucky enough to eat her cake again a couple of weeks ago at my future BIL's wedding.  It was awesome to taste some of her other (fall) flavors that we didn't sample at the tasting.  I can now tell you: the spice cake and carrot cake with maple icing are out of this world!  If you want fall flavors, I think you will fall in love with her!

    Her contact info: [email protected]
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    We didn't have to pay for any of our tastings. I wouldn't dream of booking a cake without knowing what it tastes like, and I think a lot of vendors know that so they are offered complimentary. 

    Going in to the cake tasting, I would try to know how many tiers you want as you can pick different flavors for each tier, but the design can be decided much later. A lot of vendors let you choose a few flavors and you get a slice of cake to try. Anita and Short North both give you multiple small pieces with a variety of fillings for you to dunk your cake piece in and try different combos. We really liked that as we like more than just the standard vanilla and chocolate. 

    Anita Kline is who we ended up using. She was our 4th cake appt. I was so sick of cake by then but immediately knew we had found our baker:)

    Her contact info is [email protected] and phone is 614-766-8288. She's located out of Dublin.
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    I can't wait to do the cake tastings. I found out last weekend that Anita is already booked for my September 2012 wedding date. Boo! I cried.
    Now my list of potential cake vendors is:
    Scrumptious Crumbs, Suisse Shop (both recommended by anita), short north piece of cake (used before for a small party cake) and enticing icings (thanks peach). those will be fun to schedule :)
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    We are doing scrumptious crumbs. We only did one cake tasting becuase my FI liked the scrumptious crumbs tasting and honestly I don't like cake much so I didn't care who we went with. His mom went to three cake vendors for us to screen since we live out of town. So honestly I cannot comment on those but she liked scrumptious crumbs the best out of the other options of Piece of Cake and Le Geteau (something like that).
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    I went wtih Enticing Icings.... really can't say enough good things about her.

    We got go try three differnet cake flavors and three 2 gnaches, two or three mouse fillings nad two or three fruit fillings in any combination. (The fillings where in little cups)  (however they were determined by the baker)

    BUT!!!! You can order any cake you want with any filling you want for 10 bucks anytime you want (yes I did plan sample cakes around certain important dates :)

    Cindy wanted a basic idea of hte style, but I really knew what I wanted when I went so that' kinda helped.
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