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Two bachelor parties in one?

Not sure how frequently this comes up but thought I would float it by for some feedback.  I will be getting married in December and my best man - in whose weddinf I will also be his best man - is getting married in October.  The thought crossed my mind of seeing if he would be up for us planning one event (weekend fishing or hiking trip or something) for both of us.  Anyone ever heard of this bring done?  Good idea? Bad idea?  Any feedback is appreciated.

Re: Two bachelor parties in one?

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    What you are talking about  is each of you hosting the other's party on the same night/weekend. It sounds like a great idea, especially if you would be inviting mostly the same guys to both parties. You should go for it.
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    Agree. My fiance and I are getting married two weeks after our best man. They're more than likely going to do a "guys weekend" considering it will be a lot of the same friends -- and even if they aren't the same friends, guys tend to get a long better with people they don't know... unlike us girls who can sometimes be a little "click-ish" :)
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