No wonder women go Bridezilla

The two caterers are fighting.  The story between them and the hall manager is conflicting.  You are given a 15 days to go to tasting and choose a caterer (thankfully not the menu) or else suffer the $2 pp price increase.  Ahhhh the pressure I was not expecting before vacation!!!  Now I have to create time to go through these details.  I guess that is why Hurricane Irene (also my grandma's name) is going to delay or cancel my vacation entirely.  IRONY!!! 

Re: No wonder women go Bridezilla

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    I know... I get bridezilla sometimes too! It just sneaks up on you!

    Hope you get everything done and are able to enjoy vacation!
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    OH, LET ME TELL YOU A BRIDEZILLA STORY!!  It only happend once, and I was totally justified.
      I had told my bridal party that if they wanted to, they could come with me to pick up my dress so they can see me in it. I did not require them to. So my sisters and my mom said they would like to go. I told them the appt was for 1:45, and the store was an hour away, so be at my place at 1:30 and we could drive together. Then, we had an appt at David's Bridal for BM dresses at 4. I figured we could have a nice, leasurely lunch in between appts. Well, trouble started when my OOT sister, who I will call Suzy-come-lately, decided she was going to come into town and take the trip. Her daughter, my niece, is a BM.  Suzy is NOT in the wedding party.
       The day arrives, and my bridal party shows up at TWO O'CLOCK. 15 minutes after we were supposed to be there. And the place is still an hour away. I know it was all because of Suzy. Luckily, I had called the shop owner and told her we were running late. But the owner had to leave at 3:15 (it was a privately-owned store and opened by appointment only). So we roll up right before 3, I try on my dress, pay for it, and we head out. It is 3:15, and everyone knows that the appt for David's Bridal is at 4. So Susie informs me that everyone is hungry. To which I reply, "Well, we don't have time to eat NOW!" She also informs me that my mom, who is elderly and uses a walker, doesn't want to go for the BM appt, which is fine. I say, "Let's all go back to my apartment, and Ryan (FI) can drive her home."
      So we're driving back, and I call my MOH. She had informed me the day before that she couldn't go. Which I was a little annoyed because she had known for a while she wasn't able to make it, and just told me the day before. But whatever, she was supposed to meet us at my apartment, and I told her I would call her when we were leaving the bridal shop, and to leave her place then, because she lives 45 minutes away. So I call her at 3:15. THIRTY MINUTES LATER, she calls me, and I ask her where she is.  She says, "I'll be there in 20 minutes." And ask again, "WHERE ARE YOU?" because I can tell from the background noise she is NOT in a car. She says, "I'm leaving now," and I SCREAM into the phone, "YOU HAVEN'T LEFT YET???"
      So we get to MY apartment, it is now 4 o'clock, and my mom decides she does NOT want my fiance to drive her home, because she is hungry. FI offers to drive through Wendy's, but no, my mom doesn't want that. I explain, in a very LOUD voice, "It is 4 o'clock! We are supposed to be AT David's Bridal, RIGHT NOW!!" FI offers to drive me to David's Bridal, because he can see I'm really losing it. He and I drive by ourselves, and the rest of my sisters, niece, and mom drive in the other car. FI says if ANYONE asks why I'm being a b*tch, he will rip their head off. Then, as we are driving to David's Bridal, my sis calls and asks which side of the road David's Bridal is on. I ask them why they are in the wrong lane, and they inform me they are going to McDonald's. REALLY. 
        In the end, it worked out, but what annoyed me THE MOST was that I had tried to be as flexible as possible for everyone, and  because of certain people, it looked like *I* was being a diva, showing up late to everything. Lesson learned from this? Tell everyone they have to be there an hour before they really are.  
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